Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm Thinking...

...about doing my daughter's room in a shabby-chic/vintage/cottage-y look.  You know, the slightly distressed furniture and faded linens...

Stuff like this...
It's not really the style I would want to do my whole house in, but I do think it is pretty.  I don't want a bunch of floral prints everywhere, nor do I want a completely frilly pastel room.  It wouldn't flow with the rest of the house.  Maybe it's too pretty for us.  Natalie's room will become the kids' room when we have kidsssss, so I'd like to do it neutral enough that it can easily be for a girl and boy, if we need it to.  

Hmmm... I would LOVE to here your thoughts.  Right now, it is a blank canvas.

"Are You Sure All You Need Is Water?"

Natalie gets herself ready for bed.  She goes upstairs, stands on her little bench and washes her face and hands and brushes her teeth.  Then she goes potty and gets her jammies on.  Then she comes back downstairs to collect her water or cocoa and Mommy and Daddy before heading up to bed.  

Last night when she came downstairs to collect me, I could see that she had tried very hard to take her t-shirt off, but had gotten stuck along the way.  She had pulled her left arm out only to push it through the neck of her t-shirt.  The shirt was tightly slung around her bare shoulder.  

As she came down the stairs she said, "Mommy I need something."  I assumed she meant she needed help out of her shirt, but instead she said, "I need some water."

I said, " are you sure all you need is water."


"Are you sure... all you need is water?"


"Are you sure all you need is water?"


By this time I had gotten Scott's attention and we were both trying so hard to keep a straight face.  

Finally I said, "Natalie? Are you sure all you need is water?  Don't you want mommy to help you with your shirt?"  

She laughed then with us as she realized that was why we were laughing.  So pulled the shirt over her head only to find that her pull-up was horribly twisted and folded all around her little bum.  I reached over to adjust them only to further discover, to my immense delight, that she had put the pull-up on over her panties.  I completely lost it then.  We all did.

Ahhhh... It's times like that that I absolutely adore the sweet disposition of my 3-year-old.  She delights me in so many ways and is always making me laugh!

Monday, July 30, 2007


I use sunless tanner.

There I said it.  And you know what?!  I'm proud of that fact.  I have spent my fair share of time in tanning booths. (The first time ever was my freshman year in college.  My roommate Jessica and I used to go to the Marriott's healthclub downtown Minneapolis.  You could get 10 20-minute tans for $30.  Not bad.)

Anyway, once my grandma was diagnosed with skin cancer due to her years and years of baking in the sun, I realized where I was headed in those coffin-like booths.  So my best girlie-friends introduced me to sunless tanners.  (See photo of the week.)  I was hooked from the get-go.  So I switched to "tan-in-a-can" as my sister would call it, or "fake bake" as the Music Man calls it.  I've used everything under the sun, no pun intended.  Lotions, spray, foams, airbrush, entire sunless tanning systems.  (Hey, what can I say?  I'm pasty.)

Earlier this year I discovered the best sunless tanner I have ever found.  It's very basic as far as sunless tanners go--it's a lotion--no tint to tell you where it's going, and it's completely reasonably priced.  I don't mind the fact that it's a lotion or that it doesn't have a tint.  I've been doing this sunless tanner thing for so long that I can make anything work.  The simpler the application the better. 

It's Mary Kay's Sun Essentials Sunless Tanning Lotion.  (See simple name, simple product.)  It's $10 from your neighborhood Mary Kay Consultant.  She'll be happy to get some to you.  

What I love best is that when I put it on I get color.  I don't have to continually apply daily in order to build up a tan.  Once it's on, I know color is soon to appear, which is great in a time crunch. Alot of tanners will seriously make you look like an oompa-loompa.  They have come a very long way but there are still some out there that take being "tan" to a whole new level.  This tanner gives me a great tan that I could never hope to achieve by laying out or lying in a coffin-like booth.

So anyhoo, now would be a great time to show you a before and after picture of my legs with one tanned and one not tanned, so that you can see for yourself the beauty of this product, but that would require me planning ahead and tanning only one of my legs in the middle of summer.  Yeah, that's not going to happen.  You're just going to have to try it yourself!  You'll be glad you did.  And if for some insane reason you don't absolutely love it, Mary Kay products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

If you don't have a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant to order from you can get it here.

As always... let me know what you think...

Saturday, July 28, 2007


I am a dreamer... and I dream in color... very vivid, bright color... with strange story lines...my mind is a peculiar thing.

One time I dreamt that the government found OBL.  Except that when they found him in one of his dark caves, they realized that he wasn't the real OBL.  He was just the public face of OBL.  

They soon discovered that they real OBL was... are you ready for this?... Matt Damon.  

Oh yes, you heard me correctly.  The real OBL was Matt Damon.  Do you know how long it took for me to be able to watch one of his movies or see his face anywhere without wanting to call the CIA?
But seriously... it could be...

Couldn't it?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

UPDATE: Jordy and Nati

A couple weeks ago we had a family movie night under the stars at church. It was totally cool and hopefully the first of many such events! We showed Facing the Giants on a giant screen. (Such a must-see movie, if you ask me!)

Anyway, Natalie had an absolute blast with all the kids, especially with the boys. They were playing soccer and Natalie loves to chase soccer balls. (Hmmm... I wonder where she get's that from?) She was running, running, running with the boys when Jordy got there.

Natalie and Jordy have always had a precious older brother/younger sister relationship. He dotes on her as I would imagine an older brother would. (I don't have one so I don't know for sure.) It is so cute. She gets annoyed with him at times (especially when he stops wrestling with her), but she loves him all the more.

So when he got to the church and she was already playing with the boys that he plays with, he ran over to say hi to her. (Now, mind you, I was all the way across the parking lot, watching this from a distance.) I watched in disbelief as my three-year-old chased after him, flipping her hair wildly with her little hand, saying in her high-pitched, completely girly voice, "Jordy! Look at my hair! Jordy! Jordy! Look at my hair! Jordy! Look at my hair! Jordy!"

I was stunned as I was face to face with my little girl chasing after a boy and blatantly flipping her hair around like the little flirt I have come to suspect she will become. (Really! Where does she learn these things!) But, really! She's only three. It was rather alarming!

Scott was standing a ways from me and as I stood there with my chin on my chest, he caught my eye. I knew in an instant that he had witnessed the exchange as well and was as stunned by it as I was. Our little girl chasing after a boy!

It was completely innocent and totally precious. A memory that I will cherish for a lifetime for it's utter sweetness, even though it was a bit alarming at the time.

The following Sunday night at church, Natalie was talking with Heather and Taylor (Jordy's sister) a couple rows behind where Jordy was sitting with his friends. I heard Taylor say to Natalie, "Nati... Look at Jordy."

I looked up and saw Jordy, arm hooked over the back of the pew and grinning from ear to ear at Natalie.

He said, "Hey Natalie."

She gave him a quick smile and a look that screamed, Jordy! I'm playing with the girls now!

I just watched again in amazement at the sweetness of the exchange.

The following day we went to the UD Pool with the Mom's Group. A couple times during the day Jordy made a point to come over and see how Natalie was doing. As we were leaving he walked with me for just a little bit.

"Miss Melissa?... Did Natalie have fun?"

"Yes, she did, Jordy. Did you?"

"Yeah... Miss Melissa?... Does Natalie like to swim?"


"I'm glad."

And he walked away.

How precious!

It was about that time that my thoughts strayed to a shady place where I'm sure Natalie will someday be horrified to hear they went, (not to mention that Jordy would hate me for life starting now if he knew what I had been thinking!).

Let's see... Jordy's 10... Natalie's 3... That's seven years... When he's 30, she'll be 23... I guess that's not that bad of an age difference... He will be quite the catch... His parents are awesome!... I adore the whole family!... It would be a good match... She would keep him on his toes... He would constantly have her laughing... Hmmm...

Then I slapped myself silly when I realized with horror that I was thinking the very thing moms just don't think about their 3-year-olds! In fact, I should be guarding her voraciously from the very thoughts I was having!!! How could I be imagining this?! I must be a horrible mother!!

Then I made the mistake of admitting my rambling thoughts to Jordy's mom, Suzie, who just happens to be one of my best friends. She looked at me with the expression I should have had if she had come to me. Shock! Horror! Disbelief! What was I thinking! They are children!

But seriously!? How cute are they?! Would it really be all that bad if it did end up the way I was imagining?...

I have been reading way to many 19th century romance novels where daughters are betrothed as babies to pre-pubescent young boys and live happily ever after!

UPDATE: I just asked Natalie if she liked Jordy. She thought about it for a second and then said, "No. I like Taylor... and then Jordy."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WW - Website Wednesday

Seriously!  That's the dumbest title.  I need help.

My choice for this week is Craigslist.com.  

This fabulous site is a gigantic classified ad section for the world.  You need it, you can find it here.  You don't find it here?  Just post a request for what you want and it will find you.  

My friend Crystal is the queen of craigslist and has found tons of stuff, mostly from the free section.  My big find of craigslist was definitely the island in my kitchen!  I check it often for furniture, and just like Crystal, you'll find everything you have been looking for.

So take a few hours to devote to searching craigslist for everything you've been looking for.  It will be worth the time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Interview With a 3 Year Old

M - What's been your favorite thing to do this summer?

N - Play sidewalk chalk. And eat Popsicles.  Popsicles are good for you.

M - Why are popsicles good for you?

N - Um... 'cause you eat them and they're good for you.  That's how they're good for you.

M - What do like most about Mommy?

N - I like when you go to bed.

M - Why do you like when I go to bed?

N - I like when you get your jammies on and go to bed.  And fans are about you.

M - What?

N - White fans are about you... White fans are about you... White fans are about you... White fans are about you... White fans are about you.

M - Ok, Howard Hughes.

N - Whaddjyew say, Mommy?

M - Nothing.  What's your favorite vegetable to eat?

N - Popsicles.  

:::long pause as I wonder when popsicles became a vegetable:::

N - Can I have a popsicle?

M - After you finish your lunch.

N - Can I have a popsicle?

M - Finish your cucumbers.

N - Can I have a popsicle?

M - Ok.

Monday, July 23, 2007

What's In A Name?

This photo is just dying to be named!  What would it be?

Good Monday to You

A couple years ago Scott and I were watching Tech TV.  It was Scott's favorite channel for a couple years before they fired off everyone that worked there and hired new sleezy people turning the channel into the nasty thing they call G4, which isn't even Tech TV anymore.

Anyway... back to my story... We were watching Screen Savers with Leo LePorte and Patrick Norton.  Leo was riding around on a Segway the whole show.  I was instantly in love and told Scott right then and there, that I had to have a Segway.

What is a Segway? you ask?  Well, for those of you who aren't aware of this fantastic technology, let me be the first to introduce you...

How cool is this thing?!  I was reminded of it's coolness yesterday when Scott was watching the British Open and he rather exuberantly exclaimed, "that guy's on a Segway with a camera!"

Sure enough... a camera man was using a Segway to navigate the golf course.  I realized then that if a camera man from TNT could use a Segway to film the British Open, then this SAHM could use one to go grocery shopping!

I asked Scott what the chances are that I will ever get a Segway of my own.  

He said, "slim to none."

But you could get one and then I could borrow it to go grocery shopping.

But at $3000-$5000 for one, I don't think that anyone I know will be getting a Segway soon.  Alas I shall have to use my legs to navigate Genuardi's.  


Sunday, July 22, 2007


I get so tired of plunging our toilets.  

And it's not my fault that I'm plunging.  My Music Man and Girl-Child don't eat enough green stuff, which causes the stuff they're done with to clog our toilets.  Inevitably I'm the one who discovers their carefully hidden secret and has to plunge it to the sewer.  

I, on the other hand, eat more than my fair share of green stuff.  (I love me a good salad.)  So, when I'm done with my stuff, it slides right on down to where it belongs leaving no lingering effects on our toilets.

The Music Man has often tried to convince me that our toilets are to blame.  He claims that they are too small and can't handle the stuff.  It's times like these that I like to point out to him that my daily contributions are handled in an effective and speedy manner by these pint-sized toilets, while his and Natalie's contributions every couple of days are the ones that push the toilets over their thresholds.

Like just now... I needed to use our powder room for #1 and I ended up having to plunge, not once, but twice.  I don't know who the culprit was this time, but I have my guesses and his name begins with a "P" and ends with an "ouid."

A little beet juice should clear that right up for you!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

In the pages of books are held the treasures of the world available to anyone who dares to use their imagination!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just For Liz


Check it out...

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman


The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Both are on my list of daily blog reads and always enjoyable!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Forgot One....

And this very well may be the best prank yet, second only to the CIA letters.

Monday, July 16, 2007



There are times that I feel a bit of homesickness.

This is one of those times...

Sweet memories...

Monday Madness

(Ok, so it's a working title...)

Here's my item of the week...

Dwight Schrute Bobblehead

“It's me! I'm the bobblehead! Yes!” This infamous Dwight Schrute bobblehead made its debut appearance on last year’s Valentine’s Day episode of “The Office” (watch the clip below!) Dwight found this gift from Angela on his desk and it really “rocked the house.” Now you can have your own Dwight Schrute bobblehead on your desk to console you during the workday doldrums, or give this as a gift to your fellow Dunder Mifflinites. This bobblehead is exclusive to the NBC Universal Store.


And here are just a few of the best Dwight moments...

This post is dedicated to Liz and Stacey! We share a odd fascination with this quirky and irresistible show! I could watch it over and over and over, laughing harder and harder each time.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

3rd of July

Our 4th was extremely low key compared to last year.  In fact, I never left the house.  Scott and Natalie went up to the mall for a while and then they later ran to the grocery for me.  I was blissfully happy to have a few minutes at home all by myself.  It was glorious.  

All of our patriotic celebrations took place the night before on the 3rd.  We cooked out and then went to the fireworks with a bunch of our friends.  It was a really good time.  We got there around 730 and found a spot right by the river.  The fireworks started around 920 or so and were done by 927.  No joke.  It was a total bust, but hey! what do you expect from the sleepy, little town of North East?

Ok, so here's our leader for this excursion.  Mrs. Holly Chaffee, my friend and fellow hair day conspirator.  I love this woman!  She is all sunshine on a cloudy day.  Holly has taught Scott and me so much about the value of good beet juice.  It may be hard to achieve nirvana, but according to Holly, beet juice will get you there faster.  Anyway, she wasn't too thrilled that we were sitting in the sand.  She wanted to be back across the sidewalk in the grass.  The poor woman would not sit still... 

My dear sweet Natalie... She loved every last second of this night until the very end... She was 7th heaven with all the older kids doting on her.  (Notice Holly on the phone back there?  I think she was on with the Mayor or something, asking him why there weren't spots available for us on the grass.)

And here's my dear, sweet friend Suzie who doesn't look a day over firty (right Debby!).  She's going to kill me when she sees this picture, but I love her anyway.  (She the other conspirator at hair day.)

Here's a not-so-good-but-all-I-got picture of The Ball Room.  It was well past dusk, so I'm surprised it turned out as well as it did seeing as my phone doesn't have a flash.
And here's the river.  The lights dead center is where they lit the fireworks off.

Ok, don't be fooled.  Natalie totally faked being asleep for the camera.  I wanted a nice picture of daddy and daughter, but no matter what anyone said she would not cooperate!  Bedtime!!!

And here's the best shot I got of the fireworks.  Ooooo... Ahhhh... Ohhhhh....

On our walk back to the car, Natalie tripped and fell.  Believe it or not this is her first skinned knee that actually drew blood.  You don't believe me!?  Well, consider for a moment how much of a girlie girl she is... Remember this? and this? oh and then there was this. I honestly don't know where she gets it from!  Are you still surprised that at 3 years old, this is her first bloody knee?

And as every proper girlie girl would do, she bawled for hours over her knee.  It was so funny though, becuase she would watch herself cry in the mirror.  How vain!  Surely she learned that on Sesame Street or from Dora.
But a chunk of brown salve and a few princess bandaids later she was just fine.  The knee has healed nicely... not even a scar to boast about!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Website Wednesday

I was planning on highlighting another website today, but I just came across something better.   It's called Gizoogle... It will translate your website into Jive.  How cool is that?!

Here's a button that you can put into your blog to translate it when someone clicks it...

Tranzliate this Shiznit to Jive!

Click the Spinn'n Rim Beotch!


www.myYearbook.com -- Created by 2 high school students to kick myspace's ass

Add the Tranzizzle-ata' to Your Site!

(Sorry about the language... not a part of the website I appreciate.)

There's also this textilizer that will translate any text you enter in.

And if you do like Gizoogle then I'm sure you will also enjoy the Urban Dictionary.  You can find the definition to any slang word you've ever hear and learn new words to use on you friends. 

You might also like The Dialectizer.  You can translate anything into a bunch of different types of speech... Jive (like above), Redneck, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, Moron, Pig Latin, and Hacker.

Anyway, I thought miznight hizzy some fun wit these sites... I know tha Music Man wiznill!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

UPDATE: Black and White Damask... Mmmm...

Look what I found at my local Goodwill Superstore! I fell in love at first sight and just had to have them. And I only paid $21.99 for them! They were still packed in the box with all the little packing dust everywhere.  I do believe that I will be ordering another set in the next couple weeks so that I will have enough for a dinner party. Hmmm... Maybe I should check Ebay first...

UPDATE:  No such luck on the Ebay idea... Hmmm... I guess I'll just have to order them straight from Target.  They're on sale for $40+.  I guess that's not that bad, but it would be more fun to have gotten another set for the $21.99 that I paid at Goodwill.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday Mall (For lack of a better title...)

Have you ever had one of those days that you just didn't want to wash your hair?  

I do.  You see, I'm lazy.  Washing my hair everyday means that it will get wet, which means I'll have to dry it, which means that my arms will get tired (my hair's really long), which means it will take me that much longer to get ready, which means my day won't start till that much later, which means... well... I guess that's all, but you get the idea!

So this is my solution...

Naturia Dry Shampoo

Perfect for the gym bag, long flights, camping, office drawer, maintaining your hairstyle, or avoiding frequent shampooing, Naturia Dry Shampoo cleanses hair in minutes leaving it light, luminous, and perfectly healthy, without using water.


This unique formula instantly absorbs impurities and oil on the hair and scalp with a patented formula containing kaolin clay, silica, rice, and cornstarch powders for antistatic and antisebum action as well as the high absorption power of essential oils of peppermint, caraway, and basil to soften hair.


To use: Spray onto hair at a distance of 10 inches. Leave on for two minutes, then brush out.

It ranges in price from $21-$23 a 3.2 oz bottle.  

Kinda pricey, you say?  Well, keep in mind that you don't replace your current shampoo with this stuff nor do you use it everyday.  You just use it on days when you don't want to take the time to wash and blow out your hair but you do have to go somewhere and look presentable.  It's the perfect solution.  

And as everything else I love, you can find it at Amazon although it is technically cheaper to buy it straight from Sephora.  (Amazon is just the middle man between you and Sephora anyway.)  BUT with shipping and handling prices of each it's pretty much the same price, unless you are buying me books off my wish list from Amazon, in which case it would be fun to just order everything at once.  Unless of course you want to have a fantastic little fling with the nasty little 1-Click.  Mmmm... 1-Click!

I suppose you could always come visit me for the weekend and I would take you to a Sephora near me and then we could go to the beach since I'm not going today.  Then again, there is probably a Sephora near you which would mean that you don't have to come visit me after all, but then how would I get to the beach?

To Beach or Not To Beach...

So today was supposed to be beach day with my girlfriends and our kids. You may remember the fun we had last year... Yesterday, my girlfriends and I were discussing whether to go or not.. I was feeling lazy and didn't want to make the effort to go... but they convinced me to go. So I came home last night and spent and hour getting our beach stuff out of the shed, making food for the cooler, and stuffing towels into the gigantic beach bags. I crashed into bed and slept HARD! It had been a long day without the beach preparations.

So this morning Natalie woke up early, too early, and ran downstairs to play with her beach toys. She loaded up her dolls into the bag and came to see if it was time to go yet. I got up and got myself ready. I came downstairs to pack the cooler and decided to call my girlfriend to see if she was going to be ready by 8 like we had briefly talked about. I'm glad I called, because they had decided to reschedule the beach day late last night. I tried not to sound to disappointed, but all I could think about was, Natalie is going to be devastated!

She was. She cried and wouldn't let me come near her. Ahhhh!!!! I felt sooooo bad!!! I am fine with not going. I didn't want to go in the first place. I will admit though, that by the time I was done pulling things together last night, I was really excited to go.

So anyway, it's supposed to be really hot, 100*+. I'm sure we'll go out in the sprinkler and pool for a little bit before it gets too hot. We're having lunch with Scott. He's going to Hershey Park tonight for some something with a buddy of his.

Oh well...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Smell Good.

Thanks Mommy.  I love you.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Canned Heat

JamiroquaiCanned Heat
I have for a long time loved this song. There is just a freeing feeling it gives me every time I hear it. But not just that but I have found it sneaks into my world all the time...

Originally it enticed me in 1999...

Then there was the time my friends at the American Ballet Acedemy (Centerstage), shared it with me...

And the time it found it's way to me through my friend Napoleon...

Then there was the time that it snuck up on me at Dancing with the Stars...

And of course every afternoon it finds me in my kitchen with my Diet Dr Pepper making dinner... Mmmm... After an afternoon of silence and books, my kitchen and my Funky Mountain Breakdown are so delicious!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's a Bloomin' Miracle!!!

I didn't think my lilies were going to bloom at all this summer.  I got them last fall and thought that because they hadn't shown any signs of life while every other lily in the country was blooming away, they wouldn't bloom this year.  

Lo and behold last week I saw buds beginning to form!  Natalie and I were so excited!  But it didn't begin to compare with the excitement we had this morning when we saw this...

We will soon have more blooms and hopefully we'll even have some Glads in the near future.  After all I've been through with those silly things!  (Do you see all the Glad shoots in the background?)

Website Wednesday (on Thursday...)

Again, I apologize for the delay...

I'm also sorry that I don't have a witty and clever story to go with this website like I did last time, but the least I can do is give you an update on the whole drama...

I have kept my word NOT to use that naughty 1-Click. Although I have bought 7 songs from iTunes. I discovered that there is a fun little button called "Buy Song." When you click it, the song you want suddenly appears in your playlist. It must be magic. There is also a button called "Buy Album," but I haven't tried that one yet... I wonder if clicking it will magically put the whole album in my playlist? Hmmm... I will have to investigate that further...

But for now, here's my website pick of the week...
"Welcome to InterfaceLIFT, your source for graphical user interface enhancements for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. We specialize in desktop wallpaper, icons, themes, and news with a focus on community. New content is posted virtually every day so make sure to bookmark us and come back often."

I love this site for all the fun you can have with what it offers... I frequently change my wallpapers so this always gives my an endless choice of new designs... Some new ones I came across today...

You can also get desktop icons... which are the coolest part, I think. Some cute ones I found...

Take you time and look around. If you need help installing anything, just call my Music Man. He knows everything.

Monday Mall (On Thursday...)

Sorry for the lateness of this post this week.  With the 4th and all, my whole week has been "reorganized."
So without further ado...
Here is is, my find of the week from one of my favorite places to shop, Crate and Barrel... 

Recipe Divider


This recipe wheel will make you a whiz at conversions and multiplying or dividing recipes at a glance. Rotating two-disk system for quick locating of the permanent, laser-etched data. Magnet affixes to kitchen appliances for easy reference.

18/10 stainless steel

Magnetic back

Hand wash

How practical is this little gadget.  A definite must have for every kitchen!

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