Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday Mall (For lack of a better title...)

Have you ever had one of those days that you just didn't want to wash your hair?  

I do.  You see, I'm lazy.  Washing my hair everyday means that it will get wet, which means I'll have to dry it, which means that my arms will get tired (my hair's really long), which means it will take me that much longer to get ready, which means my day won't start till that much later, which means... well... I guess that's all, but you get the idea!

So this is my solution...

Naturia Dry Shampoo

Perfect for the gym bag, long flights, camping, office drawer, maintaining your hairstyle, or avoiding frequent shampooing, Naturia Dry Shampoo cleanses hair in minutes leaving it light, luminous, and perfectly healthy, without using water.


This unique formula instantly absorbs impurities and oil on the hair and scalp with a patented formula containing kaolin clay, silica, rice, and cornstarch powders for antistatic and antisebum action as well as the high absorption power of essential oils of peppermint, caraway, and basil to soften hair.


To use: Spray onto hair at a distance of 10 inches. Leave on for two minutes, then brush out.

It ranges in price from $21-$23 a 3.2 oz bottle.  

Kinda pricey, you say?  Well, keep in mind that you don't replace your current shampoo with this stuff nor do you use it everyday.  You just use it on days when you don't want to take the time to wash and blow out your hair but you do have to go somewhere and look presentable.  It's the perfect solution.  

And as everything else I love, you can find it at Amazon although it is technically cheaper to buy it straight from Sephora.  (Amazon is just the middle man between you and Sephora anyway.)  BUT with shipping and handling prices of each it's pretty much the same price, unless you are buying me books off my wish list from Amazon, in which case it would be fun to just order everything at once.  Unless of course you want to have a fantastic little fling with the nasty little 1-Click.  Mmmm... 1-Click!

I suppose you could always come visit me for the weekend and I would take you to a Sephora near me and then we could go to the beach since I'm not going today.  Then again, there is probably a Sephora near you which would mean that you don't have to come visit me after all, but then how would I get to the beach?


  1. This product sounds awesome, I could really use it on my lazy days...does it work for kinda curly hair?

  2. I'm not sure. I don't know why it wouldn't though. I think that hair's hair.

  3. Well what do you know... there's a Sephora in our mall here and I never knew it until now. Thanks!
    By the way, that sounds like an AMAZING product. I could certainly use that!
    Another by the way, your photo of the week is too cute! LOVE it!

  4. You're suppose to wash your hair every day? Woops.

  5. Hahaha... Isn't that the truth... at least with this stuff when you don't wash it for a while it won't look like it!

  6. Hey I have a question....One of my friends is really interested in this product...she can't wash her hair herself due to some physical things and has to go to a Salon every time but this would be so easy for her to extend that time. She asked me to ask you if it has a smell? She can't use products with a lot of scent to them...due to some allergies and such. Let me know....Jess


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