Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Search for the Velcro Rollers

The other day Scott and I had a dinner party to go to. So I set my hair in my velcro rollers for a soft romantic look. As always, Natalie was watching me get ready and as I pulled out the rollers she took them one by one and tried putting them in her hair. She was fascinated by them. She played with them and the storage box I keep them in for the next couple days. I started to notice that there were fewer and fewer rollers ending up in the box each time we picked up her toys. I knew that she must have hidden them away somewhere, but I could not find them anywhere! On Monday I was making dinner and I needed my skillet, so I leaned down to get it. I opened the cupbaord and this is what I found...

Now why didn't I look there to begin with?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Natalie's First AND SECOND Christmas Dress

So last Christmas I decided that I wanted to make Natalie's Christmas dress, so I got the fabric and pattern. My mom helped me put it all together (I'm very much a beginner!), and it was beautiful. So Christmas Eve rolls around and I go to put it on her--The dress was HUGE!!! It covered her feet and fell off her shoulders. I was so bummed. I thought I'd just keep it for sentimental sake. I mean it was the first little dress I made for her. So I put another Christmas dress on her that her Mamaw had bought and she looked adorable in that!

So all along I have kept the little red dress hoping that someday I would have another daughter during the appropriate season so that the dress would get worn. It hung in Natalie's closet until a couple weeks ago when I decided to pull it out and just try it on her. You know what? It fit her perfect! She looked so cute in it. She's worn it a couple times already. I want to get all the wear I can in!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Let It Snow...

Well, it finally snowed last night. When I woke up there was 4 inches. So when Natalie woke up I bundled her up and we went out to play in the snow. It's the first she's seen that she is aware of. Here she is all bundles up and ready to go...

I looked everywhere for her mittens and couldn't find them anywhere, so being the resourceful mom that I am, I put two pairs of socks on her hands and we headed outside to play in the snow.

When I opened the garage door, she had the cutest look of confusion and awe.

She was pretty unsure of the whole idea of snow kinda like she was with sand this summer. She wouldn't move.

Once I put her back on the driveway, she began to warm up to the snow. (Ha ha! No pun intended.) She started dancing around and kicking the snow.

She ran over to the grass to dip her toes in, but tripped and landed on her bum. She wasn't too happy.

So after a while I noticed her nose was getting red. I asked her if she was cold and she said yes. We headed back inside. She seemed to really love her first snowfall. Let's just pray that there will be many more. The snow is almost completly melted already!
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