Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What surprise awaits me today?

So The Music Man sent a link to me this morning. Bless his heart! I love when he does that. I know when he does that whatever is on the other end of the link is important for me to look at. I mean my man would never send me anything that wasn't edifying and meant to encourage and build me up. I mean he's my husband. His sole goal in life is to see to my needs.

{{snort. snort.}}

This is where the link took me this morning. Be sure to click on the picture to enlarge it so you get the whole picture.

Isn't he the best? EVER?!


Yeah, the other day this is where the link took me.


No one can ever make me believe that he doesn't have my VERY BEST in mind with all these links.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hahahaha Hoo hee hee hee hee...

Ok, I could not NOT post this right the second it happened.  I just sent my girl off to school with her beef-cake of a daddy.  I'm still in my jammas, because, let's face it, I just rolled out of bed.  We have a play date with a friend of hers from school this afternoon.  She's been looking forward to is ever since I told her about it yesterday.  So as she was walking down the front steps a minute ago she turns back to me and says, "Make sure you look cute!"  




She's four!!!!  I then asked her if I wasn't cute enough to go to her play date as I was and she said "NO!"  

"Just make sure you look cute again!" she clarified.

Ha ha ha ha ho ho hee hee hoo!!!  {{gasping for breath}} Stop! Child! My sides are killing me!


Oh and about 10 minutes prior to this exchange, she was going potty when we heard this come from her mouth...

"What the hell are you doing?"

Yep.  She said it.  

We both jumped down her throat asking her where she had heard that.  I think we freaked her out, because she clammed up like a mob boss.  

My guess: some HGTV or TLC  show--no joke.  I've noticed more and more soft cuss words being dropped on those channels here lately.  It's a sad day when you can't watch Design on a Dime, What Not to Wear, and Real Simple. Real Life. with your child.  


Ok, I have to stop now...I need to go get in the shower so I will "look cute" for our play date this afternoon.

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