Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Air Force Museum

While we were in Dayton over New Year's Weekend, we went to the Air Force Museum with Scott's parents, his brother, and his brother's grand daughter. Scott and I have been to the museum many, many times before. It is kinda a tradition and one our favorite things to do when we visit. This was the first time, though, that his family joined us. We had a fantastic time together. Here are a few pictures Tony took of our day...

Here are McKinley (Tony's granddaughter) and Natalie in the little green wagon. McKinley is 8 months, almost to the day, younger than Natalie. I know it was fun for Natalie to have a friend her age to play with. I hope McKinley had fun with Natalie too.

There they are, the famous Ball Family. You may have heard of them...

Scott has a picture of me in this cockpit from the very first time he ever took me to the Air Force Museum. At that time we weren't officially engaged. His family just thought I was his next girlfriend. Little did they know that I would be joining this crazy clan! Anyway, that picture of me is Scott's favorite picture of me ever taken. He has had it on his desk at work every since it the film was developed. We decided to add another one to his collection with this picture of Natalie and me in the cockpit.

This is Scott, his dad, Terry, and Tony--The Ball Men--they are greatly outnumbered at family get togethers! Hopefully we'll have some boys someday to help even out the score.

Any time you are ever in the Dayton/Cincinatti area you should make the Ait Force Museum one of your stops.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Our New Old Website

Ok, so Scott, in his technological genious, has totally re-done our family website. He got a whole bunch of new software and has been playing with it for days. I'm not sure what everything is or even how to use it all, but here's what I do know. The "podcast" is still under construction. The photocast is a pretty cool addition, but you have to have a Mac to use. (Sorry PC folks, you really are missing out on this one!!! You really should have bought a Mac to begin with. Next time...) BUT...if you do have a Mac, when you click on "photocast" it will ask you to subscribe (click subscribe), and then it will automatically upload all our photos from the website into iPhoto on your computer. Everytime we upload our website with more photos it will automatically notify you and upload the new photos into your iPhoto. (Mom, you are going to flip over this!!!) The File Sharing thing is for Scott's work, but you are all welcome to download any of the music or chord charts you see there. Well, anyway, I just thought I would let you all know about the update.

Let me know what you think.
Click on the link ("The Ball Room") to the right of your screen. --->

Oh, and by the way...there is a brand spankin' new video of Natalie on the website. It's called "Natalie's Musical Debut." It was taken this afternoon. She is a natural!

Monday, January 16, 2006

New York, New York!

Ok, so on Tuesday, December 13, Scott and I went to NYC for the first time ever! We went with the other pastors and their spouses as well as the church staff. Every year they go up there to see the Christmas Spectacular (the Rockettes).

Our day began early! We had Natalie over at Suzie's by 630am. We met everyone else at the church, got our Starbucks fix, and hit the road. We drove about 2 hours to the train station where we hopped the 1040 train into the City. We arrived at Penn Station around 1115 or so. What a fun way to travel! Once above ground we walked around for a while, spent some time shopping in Macy's.

We ate lunch at Dean & Deluca's which is right around the corner from Rockefeller Center.

Here's most of our group... (L-R) Ellen and Tommy Tomlinson (our finacial lady), Stephanie Forrest (our Youth Pastor, Sean's wife, he's taking the picture), Donna and Pastor Alan Bosmeny, me and Scott.

We walked around a while longer as we headed to Radio City Music Hall for the Rockettes. Here are some pics from the Spectacular.
This is the loby of Radio City Music Hall.

This is inside the Hall.

For dinner we went to the Carnagie Deli (not associated with Carnagie Hall). We've been told that this place is famous for making people famous. I guess more people have been discovered working here than any other place in New York. The meals are huge!! Our sandwich had a half of a head of lettuce on it!!!

After a very filling dinner we headed down to Times Square. Now I'll be totally honest with you. I had been afraid that all the hype about NYC being the "greatest city in the world" would somehow make my expectations higher than the reality of it all. I didn't want to be disappointed. While Rockefeller Center, Macy's, Empire State buiding, Radio City Music Hall and everything else was impressive, it wasn't all that my expectations were for them. BUT, when we rounded the corner and I saw Times Square it literally took my breath away. It is amazinhg. Pictures cannot do it justice and words certainly can't even come close to describing the sheer magnitude of the place. EVERY building in Times Square is COVERED in gigantic screens. It is something you HAVE to experience yourself. It's truely beyond description!

Before we headed home for the day we went back past Rockefeller Center for a few more pictures.

All in all it was a wonderful trip and we cannot wait to go back!

Bet you thought something happened...

So it has been over a month since I have written anything on this blog. Sorry about that. I had been trying to write as much as I could because I know how much my family loves to read the tales of my little family's life (especially you, Grandma and Grandpa Beck!! :) )

Since I wrote last so much has happened. The days preceding Christmas were filled to the brim with parties and gatherings. (Ok, so it sounds really cool, but we just were hanging out with friends really.) Then Christmas Eve we left right after church for TN. Yeah! We drove through the night---Dumb, dumb, dumb! We were in TN for a while and then headed to OH for a few days before coming back home. Our crazy life picked up right where it had left off when we left. God has been powerfully moving in our midst here in Elkton and so the new year started with nightly prayer meetings followed by 24 hours of worship on the 7th and 8th. This past week we had 3 nights of worship. We were blessed yesterday, to have Sam Rijfkokel join us for our weekend services.

So needless to say we have been very busy. It has been a good busy though, because we have been busy in the Lord. I only wrote tonight to let you know that I am still here and will be writing all about our trip to New York (Dec. 13), Christmas and New Years, as well as all that God has been doing in our midst. Praise the Lord, we are able to serve such a mighty, mighty God. I am the most blessed woman on earth!

Until later....
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