Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Air Force Museum

While we were in Dayton over New Year's Weekend, we went to the Air Force Museum with Scott's parents, his brother, and his brother's grand daughter. Scott and I have been to the museum many, many times before. It is kinda a tradition and one our favorite things to do when we visit. This was the first time, though, that his family joined us. We had a fantastic time together. Here are a few pictures Tony took of our day...

Here are McKinley (Tony's granddaughter) and Natalie in the little green wagon. McKinley is 8 months, almost to the day, younger than Natalie. I know it was fun for Natalie to have a friend her age to play with. I hope McKinley had fun with Natalie too.

There they are, the famous Ball Family. You may have heard of them...

Scott has a picture of me in this cockpit from the very first time he ever took me to the Air Force Museum. At that time we weren't officially engaged. His family just thought I was his next girlfriend. Little did they know that I would be joining this crazy clan! Anyway, that picture of me is Scott's favorite picture of me ever taken. He has had it on his desk at work every since it the film was developed. We decided to add another one to his collection with this picture of Natalie and me in the cockpit.

This is Scott, his dad, Terry, and Tony--The Ball Men--they are greatly outnumbered at family get togethers! Hopefully we'll have some boys someday to help even out the score.

Any time you are ever in the Dayton/Cincinatti area you should make the Ait Force Museum one of your stops.

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