Monday, January 16, 2006

New York, New York!

Ok, so on Tuesday, December 13, Scott and I went to NYC for the first time ever! We went with the other pastors and their spouses as well as the church staff. Every year they go up there to see the Christmas Spectacular (the Rockettes).

Our day began early! We had Natalie over at Suzie's by 630am. We met everyone else at the church, got our Starbucks fix, and hit the road. We drove about 2 hours to the train station where we hopped the 1040 train into the City. We arrived at Penn Station around 1115 or so. What a fun way to travel! Once above ground we walked around for a while, spent some time shopping in Macy's.

We ate lunch at Dean & Deluca's which is right around the corner from Rockefeller Center.

Here's most of our group... (L-R) Ellen and Tommy Tomlinson (our finacial lady), Stephanie Forrest (our Youth Pastor, Sean's wife, he's taking the picture), Donna and Pastor Alan Bosmeny, me and Scott.

We walked around a while longer as we headed to Radio City Music Hall for the Rockettes. Here are some pics from the Spectacular.
This is the loby of Radio City Music Hall.

This is inside the Hall.

For dinner we went to the Carnagie Deli (not associated with Carnagie Hall). We've been told that this place is famous for making people famous. I guess more people have been discovered working here than any other place in New York. The meals are huge!! Our sandwich had a half of a head of lettuce on it!!!

After a very filling dinner we headed down to Times Square. Now I'll be totally honest with you. I had been afraid that all the hype about NYC being the "greatest city in the world" would somehow make my expectations higher than the reality of it all. I didn't want to be disappointed. While Rockefeller Center, Macy's, Empire State buiding, Radio City Music Hall and everything else was impressive, it wasn't all that my expectations were for them. BUT, when we rounded the corner and I saw Times Square it literally took my breath away. It is amazinhg. Pictures cannot do it justice and words certainly can't even come close to describing the sheer magnitude of the place. EVERY building in Times Square is COVERED in gigantic screens. It is something you HAVE to experience yourself. It's truely beyond description!

Before we headed home for the day we went back past Rockefeller Center for a few more pictures.

All in all it was a wonderful trip and we cannot wait to go back!

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  1. Isn't New York awesome. I went there a couple summers ago and I loved it. I would love to move there someday maybe..maybe not. Looks like you had fun. take care


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