Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I had my first two-week appointment this morning.  Everything went well.  I gained another two pounds.  Two pounds in two weeks was not at all in my plan, but I suppose at this point in time, that just means that the baby is growing and gaining weight as well.  Since none of you know my beginning weight, I have no problem telling you that these last two pounds have brought the grand total of weight gained during this pregnancy thus far to 17.5.  That's a little less than half of what I gained in total with my first.  

I was able to convince my midwife to wait three weeks till my next appointment (as long as my glucose test comes back good).  I was so glad because, seriously, I'm not ready to admit that I'm in my seventh month.  I have too many things to do.  A few more weeks of denial should be just the remedy.  (You are aware of the fact that I am a middle child and thus a born procrastinator, right?)  One of these weekends, we're going to really get productive and bring the cradle up from the basement.  That should jump start me into admitting than in a matter of a few very short weeks I will have a newborn in the house.  

Speaking of that little guy... During the appointment this morning, as the midwife was trying to get his heartbeat, all you could hear was the swoosh, swoosh, swoosh of his every kick, and I felt every. Last. One.  Even now as I type, he's flipping around like a fish out of water.  (And I think Natalie is energetic! Yowzah!!!)  I'm in for trouble if his in-utero activity is any indication of what he'll be like once he's born.  

This latest series of acrobatics began a few days ago has been constant and severe ever since.  Last night I climbed into bed, so tired and already half asleep, and my son, bless his heart, was up and raring to go.  He kicked me so hard over and over and over.  I had The Music Man put his hand on my belly in the hopes that his presence there would calm his son, which it usually does, but it only intensified his insane activity.  Scott thought it was hilarious.  I, on the other hand, just wanted to go to sleep!  For crying out loud!  The only time he stopped was when I would roll onto my back, but that wasn't comfortable so it was back to my side and the internal battle.  I would just doze off and BAM! Foot in the ribs or elbow on the belly button.  The worst were the repeated slaps on my bladder.  I got up twice before eventually falling asleep.  Bless his heart is all I can say.

In other news... I know I never posted pictures of my ultrasound, and I'm sorry about that.  They're hanging on the fridge, so if you ever want to stop over and take a look, you're welcome to.  I also have pictures from our pre-Christmas trip to New York, Christmas, Natalie's dance classes, Natalie's first trip to New York, as well as a recent belly shot (that I have been meaning to take for about 10 weeks now.  Sorry about that).  Most of the pictures are already on my computer just waiting to be captioned and posted.  Maybe I'll do that this weekend or something.  I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you, though.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby Stuff Accumulation

Look what I got today!  My collection of baby boy stuff is slowly growing.

It's the JJ Cole System Diaper Bag.  I am hoping that this will be the only diaper bag I use for this soon-coming man-child.  With Natalie I bought a different bag every week practically and I never did find one that I loved.  (I might note here that that particular method of choosing a diaper bag is not cheap.)

I've been looking at the System Diaper Bag ever since I first saw an ad for it in an old issue of BabyTalk.  I have also been looking at this sling bag in red.  I've compared them side by side and I'm still not sure if I've made the right decision.  I guess I could always sell this on ebay if I find I don't like it and get the Pottery Barn one. 

I'll show you two of the special features of the System Bag that sold me on it.

The first is the ultra-cool, ultra-hip little pocket especially designed for my iPod.  The bag comes complete with a vent of sorts for your headphones.  How clever is that!

The second is the clips to attach the bag to the handles of your stroller.  That way you don't have to fill up the basket below with a diaper bag and struggle to yank it out every time you need something.  Things are right in front of you and easily accessible.  

Love the idea--only time will tell if I truly love it at work.  I can see the bag flopping around.  I only hope that it won't make the stroller awkward to push.

Here's a close-up of the clips...
Anyone have any suggestions on diaper bags you loved?  I'd like to hear your thoughts and what it was about the bag that made you fall in love with it.  I'm a middle child, so decisions are hard for me to make without getting input from everyone.  Help a sister out!

Monday, February 18, 2008

It's a February Miracle!

I actually slept good last night!

I have finally discovered the perfect sleeping combination for a third trimester good night's rest.  It involves seven, count 'em SEVEN, pillows and no husband in the bed.  

Wow!  What a magical night, it was.  I only got up to pee twice--another miracle!  

I discovered the perfect combination of activities to make my body scream in misery.  Here is is...  Are you taking notes?  Wear three inch heels for eight hours straight while 27 weeks pregnant.   (Of course you need to be standing and walking for the majority of that time!)  Thanks to my vanity I am now suffering more so that I have for months!  (I did look cute though!)

Oh and have I mentioned that I only gained 2 pounds last month?  I am thrilled.  Midwife--not so much--but what does she know anyway!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


After a day like this (See below), seeing these things provides some much needed rest to this weary mind.  I love it all.  


My next home will probably be decorated much along these lines.  I find it so incredibly peaceful!  If only I could wave a magic wand and instantly make these pictures a reality in my home.  It sure would make this nesting thing a whole lot easier to handle!

I'm Freaking Out!

I just finished my appointment with my midwife.  She told me that she wants to see me every two weeks now until the middle of April and then she wants to see me every week.  

I was a completely stunned by this news, seeing as from time to time I still find myself forgetting that I'm even pregnant.  I'm uncomfortable and haven't slept well for weeks, but I just forget sometimes.  I mean, I'm still wearing pre-pregnancy clothes and unless I'm naked, the belly just kind of disappears.  I do have trouble putting on socks sometimes and painting my toes is getting rather difficult, but yet I still forget I have a man-child within my womb.  I've even been having Braxton Hicks for weeks now, daily!!! and still I forget.   Maybe this has something to do with it.  Whatever it is, it's completely downhill from here.  

Do you understand what I'm saying?  I have nothing ready.  We don't have a name or evena list of names that we are considering.  We only have a mental list of ones we hate.  

Oh for crying out loud.  

Babies need so much stuff and while we have everything from the first time around, most of that is pink.  So those things have to be replaced.  Some of our other "gear" is busted and in need of replacement.  (Give me a break--we've been using it for 4 years!)  I have crib bedding--That's about all I have, but since we'll be using the cradle for the first six months or so, there is no satisfaction in having the crib bedding.  

And there's still so much to do!!!!

I am seriously freaking out!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I've been using babynames.com for years to help me find names for my children.  It helped me name my daughter - Natalie Lauren.  But this time around it seems as though nothing is helping me name this man child within my womb.  I'm terrified that delivery day will come and all we will have is Baby Boy Ball.  Can you imagine if we leave him with that name for the rest of his long life!?  What awful parents we would be!

This is why every time someone asks me if we've picked out a name I jump on them begging for suggestions.  I get the same look of shock and awe every time!  I need help!  WE need help!

A few weeks ago we were at Barnes and Noble and I bought a baby name book thinking it would help us.  That night we picked out a whole list of names that we didn't hate.  By the next morning, I hated every last one.  Back to square one.  

Oh, for crying out loud!

We've tabled this name discussion so many times, I've almost given up completely.  But then the thought of "BBB" being my baby's initials for the rest of his life gets me motivated to find him a name.  

Sooo... I decided to read other books.  I borrowed baby name books from everyone I knew.  Yeah, that brought me no where near closer to a name for my son. 

Seriously, people!

A couple days ago I was reading a review about The Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg.  I thought, "What the heck!  I might as well get it and give it a try.  Nothing else is helping."  I just couldn't bring myself to buy it though at the time.  I wasn't optimistic enough about it's usefulness.

Then, just this afternoon, I ran across this website based on the Wizard book.  So I played around with it for a while and was able to find a few names that I had not seen in the 1,375,000 baby names I've read over the last few months.  So I sent a list of my favorites to The Music Man to see what he thinks.  Chances are, he'll hate everything, suggest a bunch of name I hate and then - WHOOP! - we're back to square one...BBB.  

Can anyone help a sister out?!  We are in peril.  Baby Boy Ball needs a name!

Friday, February 01, 2008

It's a Good Thing I'm Pregnant

Have you ever woken up with the distinct feeling that perhaps today is the day your family won't need you any longer? I didn't wake up that way this morning, but maybe if I had I would have been more prepared for what happened while I was making lunch.

I was making Tortilla soup for the family (a terribly simple rainy-day meal), but my independent 3 year old really, really wanted a tuna salad sandwich. (I didn't sleep well last night due to the NON-STOP dreaming of those dumb people trying to get away from the Others and off the island) so I was a bit crabby and didn't have a fight in me.  So I said, "Sure. Why not."  But then she insisted on making it all by herself.  So again, I said, "Sure. Why not."  I helped her a bit with opening the can and scooping out the mayo, but she really did the rest on her own.  Then she got the bread out and slapped some tuna on it.  Before I knew what was happening she had eaten half of her sandwich.  

It was at this point that I began to realize how easily she did that for herself.  Then I panicked further realizing that by doing it herself, she didn't need me.  Oh!!  The agony of realization!!!  Don't get me wrong.  I am a lazymom through and through, and I have been training her whole life for this very moment, but when it finally came, it took me by surprise.

Then I looked down and remembered I'm pregnant and starting all over with a helpless babe.  Phew!  That was a close call.  
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