Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby Stuff Accumulation

Look what I got today!  My collection of baby boy stuff is slowly growing.

It's the JJ Cole System Diaper Bag.  I am hoping that this will be the only diaper bag I use for this soon-coming man-child.  With Natalie I bought a different bag every week practically and I never did find one that I loved.  (I might note here that that particular method of choosing a diaper bag is not cheap.)

I've been looking at the System Diaper Bag ever since I first saw an ad for it in an old issue of BabyTalk.  I have also been looking at this sling bag in red.  I've compared them side by side and I'm still not sure if I've made the right decision.  I guess I could always sell this on ebay if I find I don't like it and get the Pottery Barn one. 

I'll show you two of the special features of the System Bag that sold me on it.

The first is the ultra-cool, ultra-hip little pocket especially designed for my iPod.  The bag comes complete with a vent of sorts for your headphones.  How clever is that!

The second is the clips to attach the bag to the handles of your stroller.  That way you don't have to fill up the basket below with a diaper bag and struggle to yank it out every time you need something.  Things are right in front of you and easily accessible.  

Love the idea--only time will tell if I truly love it at work.  I can see the bag flopping around.  I only hope that it won't make the stroller awkward to push.

Here's a close-up of the clips...
Anyone have any suggestions on diaper bags you loved?  I'd like to hear your thoughts and what it was about the bag that made you fall in love with it.  I'm a middle child, so decisions are hard for me to make without getting input from everyone.  Help a sister out!

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  1. Melis, I too struggled with just the right diaper bag and made so many changes it was crazy...until we bought a simple child's backpack. It has been amazing! I love being able to easily carry it on my back while my hands are full of child and it hangs over the stroller for easy pushing. Also all of the pockets are great and just the right size with side pockets for cups or bottles. Not to mention it cost only about $6 at walmart. We just now retired it after a year because we simply wore it out, that's how awesome it was. Don't worry, it has been replaced! Hope this helps. Love you guys!


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