Friday, July 28, 2006

"My Do It Myself!"

That's the way Natalie says that she wants to do something herself. It is so cute. I just had to share these pictures of my beautiful little girl. They were taken a couple weeks ago when we had breakfast with Ron and Elana Cantor. (Ron's a pretty great photographer too!)

Yeah, she really is that gorgeous! She is my daughter you know!

PS. I haven't been around for a while beacause I had to go to Wisconsin for a funeral last week. I was gone a total of eight days. Five of those eight days I spent driving. Ugh!!! When I get a minute I will tell the whole story. I was able to see so many old friends from waaaay back when. I hate having reunions under those circumstances, but it really was good to see everybody. I will post all my pics later and I still have all the pictures of when we went to TN for vacation forever ago. Coming soon....

Friday, July 14, 2006

Our First Real Home Improvement Project

Yesterday we received a $100 Lowe's gift card from when we bought our washer and dryer. So last night we went shopping. I really wanted to get new light fixtures for the kitchen because the other ones were sooo ugly. Scott had some other really great ideas, but when it came down to it, he said, "whatever you want Honey," (like a good hubby). We had always talked about putting a fan and light combo in the kitchen, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to skip the fan. You see, I wear contacts and they dry out easily if there is any sort of fan blowing. Even in the car I have to have the air point away from my face. When we lived on River Road in Ringle, we had a great little ceiling fan and I loved to use it when I was cooking. The kitchen always got hot and the breeze was nice, but every time I turned it on, I had to go take my contacts out because I couldn't see. So that's why we ultimately decided to skip the fan.

Chris and Terri were waiting for us when we got home last night. Chris seemed to think he knew what he was doing so he helped Scott get the light up in the kitchen. (This morning we re-did it. Sorry Chris.) He also helped Scott put in a dimmer switch for the chandelier. Yeah--he forgot to tighten something and when the power was turned on it blew out the dimmer. So this morning Scott took it back. He successfully installed the new one when he got home and we installed the chandelier ALL BY OURSELVES! Can you believe it! I didn't even call my dad, in fact, it never even crossed my mind to call him. You have to understand that while my husband is an incredibly gifted musician, he doesn't fancy himself a handyman. I on the other hand think I am the Handy Lady, but have never really done anything yet. I have just watched ALOT of HGTV, Discovery Home, and DIY. Plus I've always had a dad that could do pretty much anything. So, it was a learning project, but it was really fun doing it together. It wasn't as easy as it looks like when Chico does it for Candace, but it was our first time. We'll get the hang of it.

Anyway, I just had to share a few pictures of our first home improvement project....
But first a picture of the old light fixture. It's nasty twin was above the dining area.

Our BRAND NEW chandelier...

In the background your can see our new curtains for the kitchen. I finally hemmed them and got them up this week. I pulled one side closed to show you what it looks like, but we normally leave them open. The wall color will be pretty much that exact color.

This is the light in the kitchen. I didn't use the flash because it made it look all sterile.

And this is our wonderful dimmer switch Scott installed for the chandelier. It's really cool. Growing up my parents always had dimmers on everything. I have really missed that living in rental places.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I Finally Met Elana!

So every summer for the past 5 years, Ron Cantor comes to our church to speak. Over the years I have repeatedly bugged him to please bring his wife, Elana. Well this year he finally did. I fell in love instantly! And as always when Ron comes, we had a blast together. She is such an amazing woman. We clicked right away. Kindred Spirits as Anne of Green Gables would say. I just knew that they would make the blog. So I took my camera with last night and documented our time together. It was definately blog-worthy!
Scott has been doing this sanctified old Beatles song at church for the past couple months. Everybody loves it, so he did it last night. Ron had gone to the bathroom when he started it and came back halfway through it. He later told the congregation that when he left to got to the restroom we were worshiping and when he came back worrship had turned into a rock and roll concert. If you're familiar with MorngStar you may have heard Come Together before. I tried to get a picture of them doing it. If you look really close you can see the words on the screen.

After church we went to Friday's to eat. We were all pretty tired and a little bit punchy. Natalie was sucking on Scott's broccoli. She sucked the juice off of every last one. I ate a bunch of his rice. Poor guy hardly got any of his own food. His women were all over his food.

"Uncle Ronnie" enjoying his pasta.

Natalie decided when she was done that she was leaving, so Elana went with her. It was so cute!

On the way home Natalie was watching the moon. Everytime I'd turn and she lost sight of it she'd say, "Mommy, moon go?" And I'd tell her where it was (mostly behind us). So when we got home she wanted me to take a picture of it. This a really bad shot of a gorgeous moon. And then Natalie watching the moon.

Elana brought me a dozen roses--Bless her heart! I love flowers, especially pink roses. As always, I had to take a pictures of them!

I had such a good time with both Ron and Elana, but it was especially fun to hang out with Elana finally! I can't wait to go to Isreal in March. (They're hosting a tour of the Holy Land in March and I am speaking in faith that I am going!) At the top is their website where you can all the info about them and their ministry in Isreal. Here it is again just in case you can't see it too well.

We just had breakfast with them and ever since we got back home, Natalie has been asking "where Unky Ronnie go?" When I tell her that he went bye bye with Aunt Elana, she says "Unky Ronnie An Wana go bye bye." She's watching me put these pictures up and talking about dinner last night. She keeps laughing at the pictures. She's too cute!

Friday, July 07, 2006

What Natalie Dreams About...

...a diamond encrusted pacifier.

You too can get your little prince or princess one today! Diamond Pacifiers will arrive in an elaborate display box with a cushion pillow on which the diamond binky rests. Total weight is 68 grams of 14kt European white gold (nickel free palladium alloy). 278 Diamonds (3.09ct. total weight) cover this treasure, and for only $17,000 it is quite a bargain! Check out to order yours today.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Beach Bums

So last week I went to the beach with the girls for a couple days. I had to come back early to help Scott with our apartment before we checked out of it. Then Scott came back down to the beach with me. The other hubbies were coming down Friday afternoon too. We had so much fun!!! Here are some pics of our time...

Here are Natalie and Taylor posing in the sand for me.

Another one of Natalie in the sand.

Suzie and I took our kids to Funland on the Boardwalk on Wednesday night. Natalie and Taylor rode tons of rides together. Jordy got Suzie and I on this big ride that spun us around and up and down. It was so much fun to watch my baby on the rides. She's such a big girl now!

Here are a few shots of the night time football game. It really wasn't as dark as it looks. It was dusk and dusk pictures always look darker than they truly are.

This is Scott and his new beach "thongs."

This is a good pic of us lounging around and you can see our beach house on the right in the background.

I always have to get a picture of the guys and girls, but this time I only got one of the guys. (Tim, Scott, Corbit, John, and Jeff)

Here's one of the whole group. (Us, Jeff and Debby Miller, Tim and Suzie, Jordy and Taylor Pope, John and Sandy Gabrielli, and Corbit and Susan, Amber and Kara Norman)

Paddleball and football were the games of the weekend. Here are Corbitt and Susan and John and Sandy playing.

John and Corbit doing the paddleball dance.

Scott with his paddle.

John lounging around...

Natalie got so tired but wouldn't stop for a nap. Instead she wanted her burpee, baby, and nunny (all are required when she is tired) and then continued to walk the beach.

Here's another one of Natalie.

And finally we all stopped to eat on our way out of town and I caught this cute shot of Jordy and Taylor.

So anyway, that was our beach week. There is nothing better than sitting with your feet burried in sand and soaking up vitamin d! I always knew I was a beach bum, but living in Wisconsin, it's hard to get to the beach. I love living an hour and a half away from the coast! It's the best!

I'll be posting pictures from our trip to TN in the next couple of days. I have lots of funny stories and cute pictures to share.


So we got home from the beach today to absolute choas. Our house is no where near being in order and as we dumped beach stuff in on top of the other stuff, I became totally overwhelmed. So I have been working like a mad woman to put stuff away, do laundry, and clean my house as much as I can with stuff everywhere. This is the first that I have even sat down since we got home at 5 (other than dinner). While I was making dinner, I decided that I needed to vaccum. I went to move the ottomon to vaccum underneath it and half scraped and half dropped it on my toe. It hurt SOOOO BAD!!! The most excrutiating pain sinc giving birth naturally. I was screaming, the vaccum was still running, Natalie was watching her Spider movie (and laughing at me), and Scott was outside grilling. It would've have been a hilarious sight if I hadn't been in so much pain!!! Here's a picture of my toe. It's pretty swollen and still hurts like you wouldn't believe! It's just throbbing.

I have all my beach pictures ready to blog, but I need to go put my foot up. I'm skipping church tomorrow to get ready to leave for TN when Scott gets home. Hopefully I'll have some time then to put the pictures up. Until then, here's a sneak peak...
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