Saturday, July 01, 2006


So we got home from the beach today to absolute choas. Our house is no where near being in order and as we dumped beach stuff in on top of the other stuff, I became totally overwhelmed. So I have been working like a mad woman to put stuff away, do laundry, and clean my house as much as I can with stuff everywhere. This is the first that I have even sat down since we got home at 5 (other than dinner). While I was making dinner, I decided that I needed to vaccum. I went to move the ottomon to vaccum underneath it and half scraped and half dropped it on my toe. It hurt SOOOO BAD!!! The most excrutiating pain sinc giving birth naturally. I was screaming, the vaccum was still running, Natalie was watching her Spider movie (and laughing at me), and Scott was outside grilling. It would've have been a hilarious sight if I hadn't been in so much pain!!! Here's a picture of my toe. It's pretty swollen and still hurts like you wouldn't believe! It's just throbbing.

I have all my beach pictures ready to blog, but I need to go put my foot up. I'm skipping church tomorrow to get ready to leave for TN when Scott gets home. Hopefully I'll have some time then to put the pictures up. Until then, here's a sneak peak...


  1. Your poor toe!!! I'm so sorry you hurt yourself! your life sounds very hectic right now, but hey, you've got a cute bathing suit!!

  2. sorry about your looks icky.


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