Friday, July 28, 2006

"My Do It Myself!"

That's the way Natalie says that she wants to do something herself. It is so cute. I just had to share these pictures of my beautiful little girl. They were taken a couple weeks ago when we had breakfast with Ron and Elana Cantor. (Ron's a pretty great photographer too!)

Yeah, she really is that gorgeous! She is my daughter you know!

PS. I haven't been around for a while beacause I had to go to Wisconsin for a funeral last week. I was gone a total of eight days. Five of those eight days I spent driving. Ugh!!! When I get a minute I will tell the whole story. I was able to see so many old friends from waaaay back when. I hate having reunions under those circumstances, but it really was good to see everybody. I will post all my pics later and I still have all the pictures of when we went to TN for vacation forever ago. Coming soon....


  1. she certainly is gorgeous! what a little pumpkin!! Got your messages on the machine. I'll call you soon...

  2. I missed her ALOT ALOT ALOT...and i missed you too!

  3. she is a doll! I love having a little girl!! After two boys it was such a nice change....I can be girly with her and I love that! Anyway...hope your doing well..


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