Monday, September 24, 2007

Winning Streak

The Music Man won an iPod.

I won a book.

Maybe I'll win this...

So Sorry...

I just want you all to know that I haven't died yet.  Now I know I have been saying that for two months.  I keep putting you off and for that I apologize.  I have been working on the second installment of where I've been for a week and a half now and it's still not done.  Whenever I do finish it, you'll understand why I haven't been able to post regularly.   But for now, the excuse I'm going to use is that I'm sick.  I seem to have caught some sort of bug and it's really working me over.  Sooo... until the day I'm feeling better, I'm off.  

So sorry for the flimsy excuse.  You love me anyway, right?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cloggers II

Have I ever mention how much I hate unclogging other people's "stuff" from the toilet?

Just curious.

Coffee Table du Jour

I was just reading one of my daily blog reads, decor8, and fell in love with this quirky piece that they had posted about.

Isn't it the coolest idea you've ever seen?  I love how it looks like the coffeetable is coming out of the wall!  It remind me of something, but I can't quite figure out what.  

I have got to do this.  Now, I can't possibly afford $525, but I can do it myself.  I'm on a mission now to find a couple of old coffee tables to slice in half and stack one on top of the other.  What a great place to stack my books!

Speaking of coffee tables....I found these fun coffee tables on this great blog yesterday. 
I'm not really one for anything too modern or clean.  I like a more rustic, eclectic hodge-podge of stuff, but there is something so incredibly wonderful about these little tables.  My heart flipped when I saw them, but at $10,500 and $7,300 respectively there is no way that I will ever own one of them, unless of course God deems it necessary to sell a few cattle on one of His thousand hills for me.  

Can you even image spending that kind of $$$ on coffee tables!?  But they are just so cool!!!  Not very baby-proof, but I don't think you buy something like that if you have children.  Those scream uppity 40-something society couple who are far more concerned with appearances than with populating the world with sticky, smelly children.  Sounds just like me, huh?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm Scared

I checked my email this morning and there was NOTHING in my inbox!  That hasn't happen in years!  I usually have anywhere from 10-20 emails every morning.  

Has everyone been raptured?  Where are you?  More importantly, where's Stacey?  I always have at least 17 emails from her alone.  Girlfriend!!!  Are you ok????

Monday, September 10, 2007

Why I've Been Neglecting My Blog: Part I

First, can I just say how sorry I am for pushing this blog and you, my faithful 3 readers, to the back burner?  I truly am... sorry that is.  I have been oh-so crazy busy and I'm afraid that there is no real end in sight.  It appears as though my life of leisure has turned into a life on the run.  Let me explain a bit...

It all started in August when we left for a two-week vacation.  We spent the first week in Indianapolis, child-free--thank you Jesus!  You can read all about that here in my Diary of GC: Day One, Two, Three, Four, Five: Part One, & Part Two, and Six.  We then returned to my in-laws and spent the following week there with family and friends.

The Music Man received a huge rc plane as a gift while in OH.  He fell in love instantly.  I never saw him again that whole week.

Natalie was already into her second week of undivided attention from her mamaw, so I really never saw her either.  

You may remember my little mis-hap with my beautiful friend Amazon and the horrible temptress that is the 1-Click button from earlier this summer.  The day before we left for vacation, The Music Man told me that all those glorious books had turned my mind to mush.  He dared me to go the whole vacation reading only books that would enrich my mind.  His suggestion... 

Seriously???  But I rose to the challenge and left with my brain food books and all my homeschool stuff.  


By mid-week of the second week, with The Music Man's eyes to the sky and Natalie completely ignoring me, I thought I was going to go crazy with boredom.  I so did not want to read the serious books I had brought with me--HELLO?!?!  I'm on vacation!  I shouldn't have to enrich my mind at all.  If anything, being on vacation gives me the right to turn my mind to total mush!

So I made The Music Man take me to the most glorious book store I've been to in a long, long, long time.  He gave me a small, but still impressive wad of cash as we walked in and let me loose.  Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!  With my arms filled I headed to the bench where he sat waiting patiently for me.  The look on his face was priceless as I let the books fall beside me.  I had about $200 worth of books laying there.  I sat there and weeded them out.  Some I just made him take pictures of so I could later order them from Amazon or Paperback Swap.

DISCLAIMER:  This is not my sneaky way of announcing an upcoming ball-of-fun despite the books regarding pregnancy.  I am NOT pregnant.  It may happen someday and so, whenever that time comes--IF it ever comes, these are some of the books I would like to read.  Again, let me crystal clear... I am NOT pregnant.  Don't go shopping yet... Mom.

I did walk out with these little treasures...

So with all that (and a few others I can't seem to remember just now) in my bag, I was a very happy girl again. 

To be continued...

I know.  I know.  I haven't even begun to explain to you why I haven't been blogging here regularly, but I'm really tired and The Music Man is beginning to stress me out.  He's watching Monday Night Football.  The Bengals are beginning to screw up and he's taking it personally.  I have to get away from him and from my computer.  My skin is starting to grow around my laptop.  That's not good.  

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Anyone Else Excited...

....for the return of The Office?

I know I am...

To tide you over, catch up on what everyone did on their summer vacations....

Oh and click here for more information about the company.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Diary of General Council

You may remember that I promised you a recap of our time at General Council  Well, I had every intention of doing just that.  In fact I went as far as writing it all out and posting it to our church's women's blog.  All I have to do now is copy and paste it into a new post here... 

That's too tedious.  So instead I'll give you the link to the website.  You can scroll down to Diary of General Council: Day One and work your way back up.  

In another BallRoom news, day two of preschool was a bit rougher than the first, but we did manage to make it through without comments from "baby."  I'm just happy that I only have one child to deal with.  I think a whole classroom of preschoolers would certainly be the end of me.

After school we met The Music Man for lunch.  The WHOLE way there Natalie talked, and I mean TALKED!!!  I wondered as I tried to tune it out if she was even taking the time to breathe.  As we pulled into the parking lot she sounded like this...


Finally I said "No! We're going to park in the grass."  This is what followed that genius remark.


I had parked (on the parking lot) by this time and we were getting out.  She was still carrying on her monologue, s Daddy set her down on the ground she leaned way down and peered under the van.  She stood up and oh-so matter of factly said...

"Nope.  We parking on the parking lot."

We lost it.  All of the frustration of endless chatter busted out in laughter (better that than anything else!).  I was laughing so hard I couldn't even walk.  

That single comment ranks right up there with another one that happened last week at dinner.  My parents were here and we were all sitting around the table.  Natalie decided that she was done and asked to be excused.  Her dad said no and told her that she hadn't even touched her food yet.

She looked at him for a split second before patting her food twice.  

"Now can I be excused Daddy?"

How can you not laugh at that?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

One Day Down, Fifteen Years to Go

I am still alive and what's better is that my little preschooler is to.  We survived our first day of homeschool with only one timeout (for Mommy) and 1 slight change in curriculum.  I do believe it was a success despite a few hiccups along the way.  

We hadn't even been together for 10 minutes before I was crying out to God for patience.  After about 10 more minutes of silent pleadings, I made a lame excuse and ran to my room to hide from my eager preschooler.  She stayed downstairs "coloring her numbers."  I hid out in my room and called my girlfriend for a reality check.  (I transcribed the conversation with a tiny bit of embellishment here.  But shhh... don't give me away.)  She thought it was horribly humorous and to be honest, so did I, but it just felt good to laugh about it with a girlfriend rather than pull my hair out completely in front of My Little One.  

I would love to show you all that we did today, but I'm too tired to go downstairs and scan it in.  I was also too lazy to take a proper picture of our first day of school here at The Ballroom Academy.  Maybe we'll stage one later this evening and post it.  You won't care if it's a fraud.  I know in 20 years, I won't care.  

Monday, September 03, 2007

A New Job...

I'm starting a new job tomorrow.  Normally I would be a basket case the night before, complete with butterflies and anxiety, but strangely, I'm not.  I'm actually so excited about it that you might even call it being thrilled.  

Funny but I'm totally unqualified for the position.  I've had no real experience in the field, nor have I had any formal training.  Truth be told, the job pays absolute crap.  I'm not sure where this position will lead me.  All I know is that the responsibly I will be assuming tomorrow is great.  I will be solely responsible to the well being of all that I've been entrusted with.  

Wow!  Sounds daunting.  I should be scared spit-less!  But I'm not.  Not even a little bit.  I'm as prepared for tomorrow as I can be.  I'll have to leave the rest up to God and the innate ability He has given me to succeed at this new position.  I am pretty excited.  

It will most likely be the most laid back, relaxed job I've ever had; at least that's my approach.  I'll kill myself and all who are near me if I let myself get stressed out and anal about things that don't matter.  I need to keep what matters most always in the forefront of my mind.  

Tomorrow I begin homeschooling my 3 year old.  I must be crazy.  Pray for me.

We're Under Siege!

My daughter.
What can I say?
She loves anything little.
She likes to line things up.
She plays in my room (where she is not supposed to).


My daughter....

My bedroom window sill...

Her little army...

Standing to attention (please take note of how she has meticulously wrapped them around the corner)....

Bashful, Grumpy, Sleepy, and Doc flanked by Belle's wedding dress and whipped cream with a cherry on top. I think Grumpy is a bit ticked that Bashful won't stop looking at his bum. I know I would be!....

Here's The Handsome Prince introducing Tinkerbell and Mr. Thomas/Tumnus (from Narnia), while Snow White tries to keep Dopey from burning Mr. Thomas. Then there's Cinderella, who borrowed Belle's dress and is hoping Snow White won't say anything to Belle about it.

Nona and Petunia (from VeggieTales' Duke and the Great Pie War) are stuck in the corner with a inebriated-looking Happy and an allergic Sneezy. (Off the the left you'll find Belle's pink dress. Cindy, tried it on, but felt that the yellow one brought out the highlights in her hair better.)
And finally Prince (formerly The Beast) is casually conversing with Duke Duke and Bob about the nice piece of horse flesh to his left. (You'll also be sure to notice another of Belle's dresses discarded by Cindy. This one her wedding gown.)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

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