Thursday, September 13, 2007

Coffee Table du Jour

I was just reading one of my daily blog reads, decor8, and fell in love with this quirky piece that they had posted about.

Isn't it the coolest idea you've ever seen?  I love how it looks like the coffeetable is coming out of the wall!  It remind me of something, but I can't quite figure out what.  

I have got to do this.  Now, I can't possibly afford $525, but I can do it myself.  I'm on a mission now to find a couple of old coffee tables to slice in half and stack one on top of the other.  What a great place to stack my books!

Speaking of coffee tables....I found these fun coffee tables on this great blog yesterday. 
I'm not really one for anything too modern or clean.  I like a more rustic, eclectic hodge-podge of stuff, but there is something so incredibly wonderful about these little tables.  My heart flipped when I saw them, but at $10,500 and $7,300 respectively there is no way that I will ever own one of them, unless of course God deems it necessary to sell a few cattle on one of His thousand hills for me.  

Can you even image spending that kind of $$$ on coffee tables!?  But they are just so cool!!!  Not very baby-proof, but I don't think you buy something like that if you have children.  Those scream uppity 40-something society couple who are far more concerned with appearances than with populating the world with sticky, smelly children.  Sounds just like me, huh?


  1. I thought that that first coffee table that you like so much was piano benches! Then you said "coffe table" and I realized what it was!
    I have to agree. Your stacks of books on there would look GREAT.

  2. I love it! it's elegant but yet you could do it your self....thats so cool...


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