Monday, September 26, 2005

The Pied Piper...

So yesterday at church, Natalie had a string of girls and boys following her around the entire church just like the Pied Piper. They all wanted hugs and kisses and to be acknowledged by Natalie. She walked up and down the rows of pews. All you could see was the top of her head and then a whole line of kids following. She talked to them the whole time. I guess she was telling them what to do or something like that! At one point, Scott asked Natalie to stop running in the sanctuary (remember the stitches!). So some of the other mothers asked their kids to sit down and stop chasing Natalie. So all these little girls (ranging in age from 5-10) sat down on the front row, and Natalie took her place on the bottom step of the platform and proceeded to "preach" to them. It was hilarious!
Then last night we went over to Tim and Suzie's for the Home Fellowship thing. Natalie had been absolutely out of control before we left. She was having meltdown after meltdown over nothing. Once we got to the Pope's she was happy as a lark! The kids had been at the Chambers and they weren't there yet. The second they walked in the door, they were asking "Is Natalie here? Where's Natalie? Natalie?..." And she was off with her trail of children behind her for the next 3 hours. Inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs, through the living room, on the deck...all the while Sophie, Taylor, Jordy following behind. I think that some of the neighborhood kids even joined in on the action. She was insane--totally oblivious to Scott and me. Running and screaming, having the time of her life. I have to admit, though, it was nice. We just sat back and enjoyed "playing" with our friends as much as she did.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

$80.29 To Cure A UTI? For Crying Out Loud!!!

Can you believe it?! I woke up this morning at 630am to find that I have a bladder infection. I have had two or three in the past and so I knew instantly that I was in for a painful couple of days if I didn't go straight to the walk-in rather than waiting till Monday. Scott is playing in a golf tournament today so I packed up Natalie after we were all fed and ready to go. It took me FOREVER to find the clinic which was back off the road, and I never would have been able to find it if I hadn't called. UGH!
We walk in and there's the doctor. I later found out that he also serves as the receptionist, nurse, lab tech, and finacial clerk. Maybe just on Saturdays but it was still bizarre! He had me go back and pee in a cup which wasn't the easiest thing to do when you have a UTI and a Natalie standing there asking to have the "baba" that you are peeing into. He stuck some paper pH strips into the pee and then takes it back to the bathroom and flushes it. Then he came into the room and confirmed what I already knew. He gave me a Rx and sent me on my way (not before I shelled out $40 for a co-pay!!!!!! Can you believe that!!) The whole walk-in experience took us 10 minutes from start to finish. By the way, that did include the time it took to pull into the parking lot, get Natalie out of the car, walk inside, have the appointment, get Natalie back in the car, and head out of the parking lot!
So we headed to Walmart to get my medicine. Natalie insisted on one of those carts with the kid sits in front. They're about 20 feet long and a pain in the neck to steer. It wasn't that busy so I thought we'd be in and out. Yeah, that was a joke! The time that I didn't wait at the walk-in was made up waiting in Walmart. I got a few groceries, but even that was a chore. We stood for 20 minutes in front of the lunchmeat counter while the two ladies working stood talking about their kids. Meanwhile Natalie decides she want to get out of the cart and when I wouldn't let her, she threw a fit. She bawled her eyes out until we started moving again. UGH!!!
When I finally went back to the pharmacy, they told me that my insurance company had changed my Rx coverage and that I was no longer covered. UUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had some back and forth before they finally believed me that I always get my Rx with that car there at Walmart and have never had this problem! They were able to fix it, but my wonderful insurance company was so kind to pick up a mere $7 of my Rx. So when all was said and done...this stupid UTI has cost me $80.29 and a headache!! UGH!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Testimony...

Tonight I'm speaking at the "About Face." It's a ladies meeting thing we have every so often at church. We just started it and I guess it's going to just be a time where we can all come together and get to know each other. The wms executive board asked me to speak along with our youth director's wife. They wanted to hear our testimonies and the purpose God has laid upon our hearts. So for the last couple weeks since I agreed to do this, I have been praying about what to share tonight. I didn't want it to be all about me. I wanted to share with the women the word that the Lord would have for them. I believe that one of my purposes in life is to be the voice to God's heartbeat for women. I don't like talking about myself when I feel like I there are so many women that need to know their true worth in Christ and discover their own greatness as a daughter of the King.
In Wausau it was easier for me because Linda and I just did whatever we wanted to. We were the ones who planned the events and directed the flow of things. It was the vision that God gave us. I still firmly believe that God has given me a vision for First Assembly's women. I was going to say that it is hard coming from a place where you are the one making all the decisions to a place where you are basically bottom of the totem pole so to speak, but hard isn't the right word. It is just different. Not in a bad way, just different. I have been asked to co-lead the ministry to women and accepted. I am not sure to what capacity I will be used. The women's ministry is a well oiled machine that pretty much runs itself here.
I know that God has given me a simple message to bring to every woman I meet. He has given me ideas and vision of what to do to reach women. One of my most trusted friends and intercessor recently shared with me a dream she had about me. God speaks to this women and I listen to what He says. Through this dream He showed her that "you (me) are growing as a leader of will be mentoring more women...your ministry is right before you." I was speechless when I read what she had written! As I read it over and over I cried. You see, it's like this: God gives you a glimpse of your life's purpose and so you head in that direction. He opens doors and you follow knowing that it is all in preparation for the future calling. Then suddenly the future is now and you are at the edge of the cliff ready to jump into everything you have been dreaming of and praying for for years. All the hard work and tough times have lead you to this moment in time....and you are scared to death to take that jump! You can't believe that you could possibly be ready. You were sure that the future was to be decades away and here it is, right in front of you screaming for you to come in. Do you hesitate and say, "Wait, God! I need more time!" or jump right in with both feet trusting that God know what He's dong even though things not be happening the way you envisioned they would? Well, that's where I am. There is no way I am going to sit still and let this pas before me, but that doesn't mean I am not still nervous. I still wonder why God chose me to do His bidding. But I know that God chooses those with whom He can mold and shape as He see fit, rather than those who have it all together.
So, pray for me. I long for each women to feel the kiss of heaven tonight. I don't want anyone going away thinking about me. I want them to leave feeling like the gorgeous, adored daughter they truly are.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Where do I begin?

It has been a while since I last posted. In that time our little family has been to Ohio and back. My sister came for a visit, and Scott had bronchitis. It's been a whirlwind of a couple weeks to say the least. So I think I'll just give the highlights from the last couple of weeks.
UPDATE: Natalie's stitches came out on Friday, September 2 while we were in Dayton. She did really good this time and only cried a bit while the doctor snipped them off. We were very proud of her! The wound has healed nicely. It is hard with scar tissue, but in time that will soften and fade.
We had a nice time in Ohio. Our vacations there are never really vacations because all we ever do is run from one place to the next visiting friends, family, and the malls. Natalie thoroughly enjoyed her time spent with mamaw and Papaw. She loved to run around their huge backyard and play with mamaw's exercise ball. She spent lots of time with her Great Aunt Debbie playing at Maw's with dolls and anything else she could find to play with (i.e. the new broom, Paw's cane, etc.). At Brooke's birthday party on Saturday night she had a blast with Brooke, Kristina, and everybody else. It was a very busy trip, but it's always good to go "home." I think we will always consider Wausau and Dayton "home" to a certain degree just because that is where we each grew up. (I will post some pictures from our trip if I can get them off Scott's computer.)

We were home a couple days before my sister came for a visit from Tennessee. We picked her up in Philly and spent the day sightseeing. Wee visited the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. It was fascinating! Definitely worth the time to see it. On Monday we packed up the car and headed to the beach. The last time we were there Natalie wouldn't dip a toe in the sand or the water, but this time, not only did she dip her toe in both, but she was up to her nose in the sand and drenched in the water. She had the time of her life! Aunt Jecca and Natalie spent a lot of time digging in the sand and playing in the waves. And of course we ate the whole time. We basically ate non stop the whole week Jess was here.

So anyway, life is busy and we love it. Our senior pastor and a bunch of guys from church went to Mexico on a missions trip last week which left Scott in charge and preaching 6 sermons! Ha! Can you believe it. He kept saying that he has exceeded his once a year quota for the next half dozen years! He was sick as a dog too! He could barely talk much less sing or preach at three services in one day. But the Presence of God was with him and he did fabulously! I am so very proud of that guy! Not only is he the best father in the world, but he is so good to me. I can be difficult to live with at times, but he loves me in spite of myself. I am so blessed! He even got up with Natalie this morning and lay in bed for a few minutes before getting up. At lunch today (every Tuesday after story time at the library we meet at McyD's for lunch and play) I was telling him about my fantasy fashion team and how with the my picks for the Emmys I had pulled into first place. I was super excited about it. (I'm not generally a competitive person, but the Fantasy Fashion League brings it out!) I didn't think he'd care too much, but then he started telling me about his fantasy football team and we both got so excited for each other. It was so cool...kinda dorky, but cool.

I guess that's about it for now. Keep me in your prayers. I am speaking at a Ladies Get-Together on Thursday night. Pray that I speak only what the Lord has to say to the women there. Here are a few more priceless pictures of Natalie.


Natalie's favorite thing to do is walk in my shoes. She walked around all day in these spending most of her time in the kitchen where the shoes made noise.

I had moved Natalie's bed away from the wall because I was tired of listening to her pound on the wall when she couldn't get to sleep. One day I found her like this reading the books that are stored in the drawer below her bed.

I changed her diaper one day and went to throw it out only to find this...a crayon and the case to my iSight (my webcam). Hmmm...I wonder how it could have gotten there?

Natalie was sad because Daddy wouldn't pick her up. She insisted on ALL her babies and had her arms so full Daddy couldn't have held her if he tried. She was mad...
...And this is how she handled it. She threw down the babies and jumped into Daddy's arms! Ha ha ha! There are some spiritual insights into that...
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