Saturday, September 24, 2005

$80.29 To Cure A UTI? For Crying Out Loud!!!

Can you believe it?! I woke up this morning at 630am to find that I have a bladder infection. I have had two or three in the past and so I knew instantly that I was in for a painful couple of days if I didn't go straight to the walk-in rather than waiting till Monday. Scott is playing in a golf tournament today so I packed up Natalie after we were all fed and ready to go. It took me FOREVER to find the clinic which was back off the road, and I never would have been able to find it if I hadn't called. UGH!
We walk in and there's the doctor. I later found out that he also serves as the receptionist, nurse, lab tech, and finacial clerk. Maybe just on Saturdays but it was still bizarre! He had me go back and pee in a cup which wasn't the easiest thing to do when you have a UTI and a Natalie standing there asking to have the "baba" that you are peeing into. He stuck some paper pH strips into the pee and then takes it back to the bathroom and flushes it. Then he came into the room and confirmed what I already knew. He gave me a Rx and sent me on my way (not before I shelled out $40 for a co-pay!!!!!! Can you believe that!!) The whole walk-in experience took us 10 minutes from start to finish. By the way, that did include the time it took to pull into the parking lot, get Natalie out of the car, walk inside, have the appointment, get Natalie back in the car, and head out of the parking lot!
So we headed to Walmart to get my medicine. Natalie insisted on one of those carts with the kid sits in front. They're about 20 feet long and a pain in the neck to steer. It wasn't that busy so I thought we'd be in and out. Yeah, that was a joke! The time that I didn't wait at the walk-in was made up waiting in Walmart. I got a few groceries, but even that was a chore. We stood for 20 minutes in front of the lunchmeat counter while the two ladies working stood talking about their kids. Meanwhile Natalie decides she want to get out of the cart and when I wouldn't let her, she threw a fit. She bawled her eyes out until we started moving again. UGH!!!
When I finally went back to the pharmacy, they told me that my insurance company had changed my Rx coverage and that I was no longer covered. UUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had some back and forth before they finally believed me that I always get my Rx with that car there at Walmart and have never had this problem! They were able to fix it, but my wonderful insurance company was so kind to pick up a mere $7 of my Rx. So when all was said and done...this stupid UTI has cost me $80.29 and a headache!! UGH!!!

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