Thursday, May 27, 2010

MONSTER Revelations and other nonsense

I made a HUUUUGE batch of cookies the other day.  (And by huge batch I mean I used a dozen eggs, 18 cups of oats and 4 cups of sugars!) We have a bake sale this Sunday at church to raise some money for the Worship Dept.  So I'm making MONSTER cookies.  And let me tell you!  They ARE MONSTERS! Easily as big as the Boy Wonder's head.

This is just half of the batch and the smallest cookie up there is still 5 inches in diameter! Those Amish sure know how to double, triple, quadruple a recipe!

Here's the funny thing...when I tasted them, I was instantly transported back in time to Valentine's Days as a kid.  That's when my grandparents would send each of us kids a monster cookie of our own.  VERY special memory for me.  These cookies have such deep roots in my heart.

See, my grandpa who made these with my grandma every year passed away a few years back and now my other grandpa is really struggling with his health.  I don't know how long he'll be with us.  Loosing them is like loosing a piece of my heritage; so treasured are they to me!   I know it's inevitable--death, but losing a whole generation is hard.

These cookies represent so much more than just sugar and calories to me.  They're family.  They're connection.  They're my past and they'll be my future.  They're everything that's good in life and make all the hard stuff easier to handle.

So today, I will eat a MONSTER cookie in honor of my grandparents.  And Sunday I will sell the rest of the giant buggers.  I hope the legacy my grandparents left me with will raise much money to support the next generation of heritage-builders.


What foods evoke strong emotions and memories for you?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If you thought I was random before, read on and be amazed.

Recently, as in two days ago, I brought these little cuties out into circulation. I've had them for well over 5 years buy haven't worn them in at least 4.

Adorable, right?! So I have re-fallen in love with them and have worn them non-stop since discovering them in the shoe archives that is the back of my closet.

This morning I noticed that they looked an awful lot like another accesory I use just about every waking moment of every day.

(Yep. It's upside down. Sorry. I don't know how to fix it). But it's the skin for my phone. Look familiar?

How 'bout now?

(Sorry its upside-down again.)

No wonder I re-fell in love with the flipper-flippers. I seem to have a theme going.

On another random son is barking at me.

Jonny Lang sounds good this morning.

Also, Jimmy Kimmel's Aloha to Lost was waaaaay better than the actual finale. The alternate endings were hilarious! Good work, Jimmy!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Only in your dreams" is not always a good thing.

I woke up upset with my husband this morning. When he sat down on the bed to put his socks on he tried to say good morning to me. I must have growled at him or something, because he asked me if I was ok. I said no and apparently was a bit snippy. He asked if I was mad at him because he did something wrong in my dream again.


Right before I woke up I had a dream that he didn't want to married to me anymore or sleep in the same bed as me. He also wanted me to tell people that we were just brother and sister to explain the whole same-last-name thing. (Hello Abraham!)

I was so irritated with him because I loved him so much, bu-ut because I loved him so much I went along with him. He was letting us live together still, which would allow me to stay close to him. That's always a good thing when you love someone fiercely! But I was so sad!

I'm pretty sure that I was still pretty out of it when he asked me if I was mad at him because of my dream again. I remember thinking "AGAIN!?!?"

Then I remembered... A few months ago I had a dream he cheated on me. I woke up FURIOUS with him that day!!! That fury stayed with me for most of that day. He called me all day reassuring me that it was ONLY a dream and that I was crazy for being mad at him for a dream.

That's why he asked me this morning if I was mad at him because of my dream AGAIN.

I called him a little bit ago. He didn't answer so I left him a message that went something like this...

"So after two cups of coffee and two chocolate/banana crepes I now realize that it was, in fact, a dream. I know you love me and want to be married to me. I also know you enjoy sleeping with me. You'd never ask me to tell people that we're brother and sister--EWWWW!!! I just thought your day would go better knowing that I am no longer mad at you because of my dream. I love you. Goodbye."

I think I need therapy.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

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