Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If you thought I was random before, read on and be amazed.

Recently, as in two days ago, I brought these little cuties out into circulation. I've had them for well over 5 years buy haven't worn them in at least 4.

Adorable, right?! So I have re-fallen in love with them and have worn them non-stop since discovering them in the shoe archives that is the back of my closet.

This morning I noticed that they looked an awful lot like another accesory I use just about every waking moment of every day.

(Yep. It's upside down. Sorry. I don't know how to fix it). But it's the skin for my phone. Look familiar?

How 'bout now?

(Sorry its upside-down again.)

No wonder I re-fell in love with the flipper-flippers. I seem to have a theme going.

On another random note...my son is barking at me.

Jonny Lang sounds good this morning.

Also, Jimmy Kimmel's Aloha to Lost was waaaaay better than the actual finale. The alternate endings were hilarious! Good work, Jimmy!

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