Saturday, February 25, 2006

Spa Weekend at the Beach with the Girls...

What is it about a group of women than attracks the crazies? A couple weeks ago I was so blessed to be able to get away with the girls for a couple days. We went to the beach and had spa treatments. EVERY time we went out, we atracted some sort of attention. The owner of one of the restaurants even came over to our table and offered drinks on the house to us. You should have seen his face when we told him we didn't drink. Ha! We took desserts on the house instead.

All and all, I had a wonderful time! It was totally relaxing and a true blessing to be able to pamper myself. I had forgotten what it was like to wake up to something other than Natalie's chatter...I woke up to the sound of the waves crashing out my window. What a glorious thing. I do believe that I would live at the beach if I could. Here are some pics from our get away.

This is the beach house we stayed at. It's Sandy's sister's place. Just gorgeous!

Me and Suzie

Debby and Jackie

Amy, Jackie, Suzie, Debby, Me, Beth, Anita, Sandy

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Christmas 2005--Cute Stories

Over Christmas I captured some precious moments with Natalie. I thought that you'd enjoy hearing the stories and seeing the pictures.

A couple weeks before Christmas, I heard Natalie playing by the christmas tree so I went over to see what she was doing. She was hugging the tree saying "aww, Baby." When i got a little closer I saw that she was hugging an ornament with a baby cradled in a moon. Here she had given the baby her burpie. Now for all of who do not know what a burpie is, let me explain. When Natalie was a baby, we would put her to sleep by putting a burp cloth lightly over her face to block out the noise and lighhts. She grew accostomed to having it around her face and eventually the burp cloth became the burpie. It's her security blanket and we don't go anywhere without one. When she was born we had 24 burpies. We are now down to 7. So it's a big deal that she shared her burpie with the baby in the ornament.

Daddy dressed Natalie...he's so creative. Her filler from Scott's external hard drive. (Yes, thank you, that was my genious idea for a gift. He was floored when he opened it! Score one for Melis.)

Aunt jecca gave Natalie a Fisher Price doll house for Christmas and I love to watch her play with it. It makes all sorts of sounds and she just loves it.

And then of course, I found her in the cupboard on morning. She kept saying, "Hi Mom!" and waving. It was the cutest thing ever!

Christmas 2005--At Home

Because w knew that we weren't going to be around on Christmas day we were pretty laid back about opening presents. Scott and I opened ours late one night a day or two before Christmas Eve. We didn't take any pictures, but it was really nice. We had a fire lit and only the lights of the Christmas tree on. Very romantic and personal. With Natalie we opened her stocking and a couple gifts on the eve of Christmas Eve and then the rest on Christmas Eve morning.

She's digging in to the stocking...

Opening her first gift...

It's a ditty (kitty). She LOVES, the kitty was not real..her dad's allergic, or so he says (wink wink).

And a few more...

Christmas 2005--Christmas Eve Service

So here is Natalie all dressed up and ready to go to the Christmas Eve Service. I insisted that she pose for some pictures before we left. It took me 20 minutes to do her hair. I used my curling iron to flip her ends up, but she wanted to do it herself--thus it took 20 minutes. I was not about to wait until after service to take pictures and risk the cute hair-do going flat, which it did by the way.

All was well at first...

But things started to go sour when Natalie's foot began to bother her...

She wanted to take her shoe off, but because we were already running late, I wouldn't let her...

Things went from bad to worse when she decided to throw a fit...

She finally had enough of pictures and walked off the set.

Christmas 2005--Tennessee

So we left for TN after the Christmas Eve Service and drove through the night. We saw two, maybe three, cars the whole trip. Everyone was in their beds waiting for Santa Claus, I guess. We arrived at 530 am. I called my parents from their driveway and old them that we had yet to go to bed. My mom, still half asleep, was confused. So I explained that we were sitting in her driveway. Ha! That was so much fun surprising them. They thought that we were coming the next day. I love surprises like that. Here are a few highlights of the week we were with them. Check out all the pictures from our many Christmas celebrations at out family website, The Ball Room.
(The pictures will be posted by this weekend.)

Christmas 2005--Josh and Anissa

Here are some pictures of when my parents went to Indiana before Christmas. They took Josh and Anissa's gifts to them and then took Alethia from them for a couple of days with the great granparents.

A few steps with Papa...

Josh and Anissa (with baby boy in the belly) and Lei Lei

Reindeer ears from Aunt Jecca

Lei Lei and Nana (Nana made Alethia and Natalie matching dresses for Christmas. Unfortunately they weren't able to be together to show them off.)

Martins, Papa, Nana, and Lethy, and Becks

Telemarketers are back at it again!

Ok, so you remember a while back everyone was calling that 800 number and having their telephone addresses added to "do not call" lists. We all did it so that those pesky telemarketers would stop calling us during dinner. I don't know about you, but shortly after registering our home phone we went all cellular. We were totally free from those annoying phone calls (except for this one company that was just down right dirty about their tactics, but that's a whole other story). Well, I guess a lot of people went land line free like we did. Telemarketers got wise to that and have found a way to get our cell numbers. Here's the this number 888-382-1222 and register your number for five years to prevent annoying phone calls during your dinner discusion of Sunday's sermon. You have to call from the phone you are registering. You can check out the website for more info as well. Sorry that I can't provide you with a link to their website. It just recently dawned on me that because I am a Mac user there are certain limits to my abilities. One being I can't insert hyperlinks into my text nor do the links to the right work. So anyway, just type it in and check it out.

Check ya later.
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