Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Christmas 2005--Cute Stories

Over Christmas I captured some precious moments with Natalie. I thought that you'd enjoy hearing the stories and seeing the pictures.

A couple weeks before Christmas, I heard Natalie playing by the christmas tree so I went over to see what she was doing. She was hugging the tree saying "aww, Baby." When i got a little closer I saw that she was hugging an ornament with a baby cradled in a moon. Here she had given the baby her burpie. Now for all of who do not know what a burpie is, let me explain. When Natalie was a baby, we would put her to sleep by putting a burp cloth lightly over her face to block out the noise and lighhts. She grew accostomed to having it around her face and eventually the burp cloth became the burpie. It's her security blanket and we don't go anywhere without one. When she was born we had 24 burpies. We are now down to 7. So it's a big deal that she shared her burpie with the baby in the ornament.

Daddy dressed Natalie...he's so creative. Her filler from Scott's external hard drive. (Yes, thank you, that was my genious idea for a gift. He was floored when he opened it! Score one for Melis.)

Aunt jecca gave Natalie a Fisher Price doll house for Christmas and I love to watch her play with it. It makes all sorts of sounds and she just loves it.

And then of course, I found her in the cupboard on morning. She kept saying, "Hi Mom!" and waving. It was the cutest thing ever!


  1. Totally adorable picture of Natalie in the cupboard!! Caylin got the same doll house for Christmas and loves it as well!

  2. Terri8:01 AM

    She is so adorable and so funny. I love that girl!


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