Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Christmas 2005--Tennessee

So we left for TN after the Christmas Eve Service and drove through the night. We saw two, maybe three, cars the whole trip. Everyone was in their beds waiting for Santa Claus, I guess. We arrived at 530 am. I called my parents from their driveway and old them that we had yet to go to bed. My mom, still half asleep, was confused. So I explained that we were sitting in her driveway. Ha! That was so much fun surprising them. They thought that we were coming the next day. I love surprises like that. Here are a few highlights of the week we were with them. Check out all the pictures from our many Christmas celebrations at out family website, The Ball Room.
(The pictures will be posted by this weekend.)

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  1. Yes, that song keeps me sane as well..the fact that I don't understand what God is doing and where I am going, yet I know it is all going to be worth it!! Hey you should think about getting a space at isnt as bad as people say as long as you don't too much info about yourself it ok..I found so many people from NCU..Alicia, Joe, Lisa Erspamer, Jason Rollin, Ryan Corfits, as so many don't have to do much with it but it's a great way to keep updated on people lives...


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