Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Diary of General Council

You may remember that I promised you a recap of our time at General Council  Well, I had every intention of doing just that.  In fact I went as far as writing it all out and posting it to our church's women's blog.  All I have to do now is copy and paste it into a new post here... 

That's too tedious.  So instead I'll give you the link to the website.  You can scroll down to Diary of General Council: Day One and work your way back up.  

In another BallRoom news, day two of preschool was a bit rougher than the first, but we did manage to make it through without comments from "baby."  I'm just happy that I only have one child to deal with.  I think a whole classroom of preschoolers would certainly be the end of me.

After school we met The Music Man for lunch.  The WHOLE way there Natalie talked, and I mean TALKED!!!  I wondered as I tried to tune it out if she was even taking the time to breathe.  As we pulled into the parking lot she sounded like this...


Finally I said "No! We're going to park in the grass."  This is what followed that genius remark.


I had parked (on the parking lot) by this time and we were getting out.  She was still carrying on her monologue, s Daddy set her down on the ground she leaned way down and peered under the van.  She stood up and oh-so matter of factly said...

"Nope.  We parking on the parking lot."

We lost it.  All of the frustration of endless chatter busted out in laughter (better that than anything else!).  I was laughing so hard I couldn't even walk.  

That single comment ranks right up there with another one that happened last week at dinner.  My parents were here and we were all sitting around the table.  Natalie decided that she was done and asked to be excused.  Her dad said no and told her that she hadn't even touched her food yet.

She looked at him for a split second before patting her food twice.  

"Now can I be excused Daddy?"

How can you not laugh at that?


  1. HA! That's awesome! What on earth are you going to do with her?!

  2. Debby Miller1:44 PM

    I have so missed your blog - some mean nasty administrator at work actually considered your blog "personal" and "non-work-related". How dare. Anyway, you're right, I had to Laugh Out Loud at Natalie actually patting her food after her Daddy told her she hadn't touched it yet. Brilliant. We all need to collaborate on these funny child-isms we hear on a daily basis and write the best book ever. Love ya', Debby


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