Monday, September 10, 2007

Why I've Been Neglecting My Blog: Part I

First, can I just say how sorry I am for pushing this blog and you, my faithful 3 readers, to the back burner?  I truly am... sorry that is.  I have been oh-so crazy busy and I'm afraid that there is no real end in sight.  It appears as though my life of leisure has turned into a life on the run.  Let me explain a bit...

It all started in August when we left for a two-week vacation.  We spent the first week in Indianapolis, child-free--thank you Jesus!  You can read all about that here in my Diary of GC: Day One, Two, Three, Four, Five: Part One, & Part Two, and Six.  We then returned to my in-laws and spent the following week there with family and friends.

The Music Man received a huge rc plane as a gift while in OH.  He fell in love instantly.  I never saw him again that whole week.

Natalie was already into her second week of undivided attention from her mamaw, so I really never saw her either.  

You may remember my little mis-hap with my beautiful friend Amazon and the horrible temptress that is the 1-Click button from earlier this summer.  The day before we left for vacation, The Music Man told me that all those glorious books had turned my mind to mush.  He dared me to go the whole vacation reading only books that would enrich my mind.  His suggestion... 

Seriously???  But I rose to the challenge and left with my brain food books and all my homeschool stuff.  


By mid-week of the second week, with The Music Man's eyes to the sky and Natalie completely ignoring me, I thought I was going to go crazy with boredom.  I so did not want to read the serious books I had brought with me--HELLO?!?!  I'm on vacation!  I shouldn't have to enrich my mind at all.  If anything, being on vacation gives me the right to turn my mind to total mush!

So I made The Music Man take me to the most glorious book store I've been to in a long, long, long time.  He gave me a small, but still impressive wad of cash as we walked in and let me loose.  Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!  With my arms filled I headed to the bench where he sat waiting patiently for me.  The look on his face was priceless as I let the books fall beside me.  I had about $200 worth of books laying there.  I sat there and weeded them out.  Some I just made him take pictures of so I could later order them from Amazon or Paperback Swap.

DISCLAIMER:  This is not my sneaky way of announcing an upcoming ball-of-fun despite the books regarding pregnancy.  I am NOT pregnant.  It may happen someday and so, whenever that time comes--IF it ever comes, these are some of the books I would like to read.  Again, let me crystal clear... I am NOT pregnant.  Don't go shopping yet... Mom.

I did walk out with these little treasures...

So with all that (and a few others I can't seem to remember just now) in my bag, I was a very happy girl again. 

To be continued...

I know.  I know.  I haven't even begun to explain to you why I haven't been blogging here regularly, but I'm really tired and The Music Man is beginning to stress me out.  He's watching Monday Night Football.  The Bengals are beginning to screw up and he's taking it personally.  I have to get away from him and from my computer.  My skin is starting to grow around my laptop.  That's not good.  


  1. The pictures of Natalie and McKinley are adorable! I love the outfit Natalie was cooking in. The girl gets dressed beautifully for every occasion, even baking! I have read the For Women Only book and it's really good. There is even a discussion guide you can buy to go along with it to use for a Bible Study. Love you!!! :)

  2. I clicked on the link to the I'm a lazy mom blog that you wrote about before...that was great. What fun blogs to read. It's always nice to know that I'm not "the only one that..."

  3. Okay. For some reason the video of Scott and the airplane cracked me up! Maybe it was the music? I don't know. I laughed.

    Then. The pictures of Natalie at Scott's parent's house. Adorable! Why not bake with a ballgown on? Huh? Why not? I dare anyone to say you can't!


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