Monday, August 06, 2007

Is This Really Any Better...

It's 521AM and anyone who knows me even a little bit has now fallen off their chairs in shock that I am awake and actually functioning at this house.  And I am completely functioning.  I just woke up with this in my head.  YIKES!!  I think it's worse than the other day, but it did get me right out of bed this dark morning.  

We'll be leaving in an hour and a half for 2 weeks of vacation.  (Here comes the Music Man.  Oh dear!  He's wondering what I did with his wife.)  We're going to General Council in Indianapolis this week and Dayton next week.  I thought about having a few guest posters throughout the weeks that I'm gone, but decided that since I'm not on a real vacay I can still do it myself.  I have lots of pictures from this summer that have never been blogged about and some other things like that, so I have enough to keep posting.  

But for now, I think I'll enjoy a cup of coffee... Mmmm... and watch the sun rise over my deck.  In honor of my early start today, I decided to highlight one of my favorite gadgets that I use almost daily.  It's my French press.  What is a French press, you say?  Well it's that thing the left of course...

I traded in our little 4-cup coffee maker a couple months back for this little guy because I got tired of seeing the ugly Krups on my counter.  I thought that this looked much cuter.  Since I'm the only one that drinks coffee here in the mornings this makes the perfect amount.  And when we have company, it's fun to whip it out and make coffee right at the table.  

This particular model is $89.95, but you can get them as inexpensive as $24.95.

I must go now... I do have a two weeks vacation to go to after all.  I'll keep you posted throught the weeks.  (No pun intended!)  Type to you soon.

Does the sun rise this early?  I didn't think even Jesus woke up this early.


  1. I wish we could see each other at GC. *sigh* I guess it will have to be at the next one!
    Have a great vacation!!!!!

  2. Have a great vacation. Wish you guys were on your way here... wouldn't that be a blast? Well, have fun and enjoy some alone time with the Music Man. Love you both.

  3. You sure wake up with some strange things in your head! =) Have a great vacation!

  4. Have a wonderful time!

  5. I just wake up thinking "I have to go to the bathroom...again" It would be so much more exciting if I thought fun things when I woke up. (This morning Caleb woke up at 3:15am. He never went back to sleep. I laid with him for 2 1/2 hours before we went to watch cartoons.) I hope you have a nice, maybe even relaxing, vacation.


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