Wednesday, August 01, 2007

WW: PaperBack Swap

A very dear friend of mine recently introduced me to a fantastic site for those of us who love to read.  It's called Paperback Swap.  It's such a great idea and completely free to join!
Once you join, you post 9 books from your personal library that you are willing to part with.  You then receive 3 credits toward books you would like to have.  (1 credit = 1 book)  When one of your books is requested by another member, you print the provided packaging materials, put the necessary postage (which is calculated for you) on the package, and drop it in your outgoing mail.  When you request a book from another member they pay the postage to send your new book to you.  That is how it remains totally free.  
I am a devoted shopper of Amazon and regularly buy my books there, but I do believe that I will be enjoying this new-to-me site!  I just had to share it with you! 
For more info about how this process works, click here.
Oh, and if you are like me and your books become dear friends to you and you hate parting with them, you can always request you book back from someone else after you have sent it on.  Just think of it as the circle of life, or what goes around comes around, or even as recycling.

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