Thursday, August 02, 2007

Would you believe...

Last night, as I was snuggling with the Music Man and thoroughly enjoying the way the soft hair on his chest felt on my face, (mmmm... it is my favorite place to lay my head), I had a brilliant idea for what to post today.  I don't usually plan these posts ahead of time.  I just sit down and type whatever babble come into my head, but last night was a beautiful idea.  It needed a tad bit of prep and unfortunately I fell asleep.  Hello!  How could I not!?  Snuggled in with my man, listening to his heartbeat, and getting my back tickled by my buff man... you do the same with your husband and try to stay awake to think about your blog.  I bet you couldn't do it either!

Anyway... since my fantastic idea needed a bit of prep last night and it didn't happen, you'll have to settle for this....

(But you can be sure that I will someday make good on that idea.)

I shared with you about this new-to-me website,, on Website Wednesday.  I joined earlier this week and posted my required 9 books.  Immediately one of those was requested.  Then yesterday afternoon I went to my husband's office and plundered our library there.  It's mostly our books from college.  (Which strangely enough, I found that for the most part they were in remarkable condition.  Some looked as though they had never even been opened.  Wow!  I had forgotten how meticulous I was with my books as I read every last page of each of them.)  I brought them home and posted every last one.  I think it was 18 in total.  (Hey! this is just the beginning.)  I was convinced that no one would ever want these books, but the more books I post the better chance I have at earning credits, so the more the merrier.  
Well, what do you know... I checked my email this morning to find that five, yes I said FIVE of those college books I posted had been requested!  Can you even believe it!?  I will have five more credits in which to get five more books to love.  

What fun this it!!!  You must try it!!!  Go sign up right now!  Now!  I said NOW!

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