Monday, September 03, 2007

We're Under Siege!

My daughter.
What can I say?
She loves anything little.
She likes to line things up.
She plays in my room (where she is not supposed to).


My daughter....

My bedroom window sill...

Her little army...

Standing to attention (please take note of how she has meticulously wrapped them around the corner)....

Bashful, Grumpy, Sleepy, and Doc flanked by Belle's wedding dress and whipped cream with a cherry on top. I think Grumpy is a bit ticked that Bashful won't stop looking at his bum. I know I would be!....

Here's The Handsome Prince introducing Tinkerbell and Mr. Thomas/Tumnus (from Narnia), while Snow White tries to keep Dopey from burning Mr. Thomas. Then there's Cinderella, who borrowed Belle's dress and is hoping Snow White won't say anything to Belle about it.

Nona and Petunia (from VeggieTales' Duke and the Great Pie War) are stuck in the corner with a inebriated-looking Happy and an allergic Sneezy. (Off the the left you'll find Belle's pink dress. Cindy, tried it on, but felt that the yellow one brought out the highlights in her hair better.)
And finally Prince (formerly The Beast) is casually conversing with Duke Duke and Bob about the nice piece of horse flesh to his left. (You'll also be sure to notice another of Belle's dresses discarded by Cindy. This one her wedding gown.)


  1. My boys are nothing like that. It's fun to see her little characters all lined up. That picture of the week in the cupboard is too cute.

  2. Kathleen Martin2:55 PM

    CUTE!!!! How long did it take her to do that? Were you aware of what she was doing at the time? Your window sill is perfect height for her to do such an ambitious feat. She was probably in her own world during the time she was working so hard. ADORABLE!!!!


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