Saturday, March 17, 2007

Natalie's VeggieTales Friends

Natalie calls all of her Fisher Price Little People her VeggieTales. We had given her a set of VeggieTales little people based on Duke and the Great Pie War for Christmas two Christmases ago. So those, the Little People, My Little Ponies, and all other small toy have become her best friends. She carries them around in a basket that I had given her to use becasue I was tired of her dropping them everywhere! So she takes them all over the house with her when she plays. They are usually with her when she comes into our room in the mornings. My favorite thing she does with them is when she lines them up all over the house.

I have alread found them on the steps, in the kitchen, on the side of the bath tub, etc. She carries them around in a basket and talks to them as though they were real, which I'm sure they are to her. One time she had them lined up on the steps and she was singing to them. Another time, I caught her reading them a story in her room after she had lined them up. One day, she came running downstairs yelling for me to come look at her friends. She told me that she built her friends "book houses." This is what I found in her room. Each little friend had its own book as their "house."

Often while I'm making dinner she will line them up on the kitchen floor. Again each friend had its own sqare on the floor.

Last week, I heard her telling them that she had to go potty, so I quiety followed her to see what she was doing. (Keep in mind she prefers her diapers to wearing panties right now. Panties, she says, make her pee pee go down her leg to her socks.) She told them as she went that she needed to pull her pants down and go pee pee. The she had to wipe her bum, flush the toilet, and wash her hands. I peeked around the corner to find her sitting on the floor with her pants down around her ankles--diaper was still on--pretending to go potty. (I was sick that the camera was in Scott's office because it was the cutest thing ever!) I jumped on the potty training opportunity and asked her if she wanted to go on the real potty. She said, "No, I go pee pee in my diaper, Mommy." And that was the end of her teaching her VeggieTales how to go potty.

On another note: The middle of this last week was beautifula nd the temperature was in the 70's. Natalie had gotten some sidewalk chalks earlier this spring and it was finally nice enough to use them. Here are the results....
(These are her barbies: Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, "Little Man," and Taylor.)

As you can tell, Mommy ended up doing most of the drawing with the sidewalk chalks. Natalie was very specific about what she wanted drawn.


  1. Hey there....Natalie is getting so are you? We were just in Harrisburg...Reading and Boyerstown, PA. I didn't realize it was pretty close to you guys until I looked at a map...we were there this last week...and it was 70 degrees and then Thursday it started to get a little cold....then all day Friday we had to drive 40 miles an hour home because of the snow and took us over 10 hours!! AUHGGH! Let me know how yoru doing...

  2. That is such an adorable post! What a sweet memory that will be when she is grown! How even more precious it will be now that you've captured it on camera. I always loved it when my boys lined stuff up, too (except they used hot wheel cars). Just adorable!


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