Saturday, March 03, 2007


Each day we are awoken by the Lord and given a fresh chance to live the life we have always wanted to live. We get the opportunity to make wrongs right, to start over, to try something we're scared to death to do. Whatever each day holds for us is a wonderment, to be certain.
God gives His children good gifts. When we stand for Him through the dark times of life and tell the world, "I HAVE to believe!" God's gifts far exceed anything we could ever ask or hope for. He loves us and longs to spoil us with His goodness. Wow! What a thought that is!
Is has been a struggle for me these past few months to continually stand and declare that I DO BELIEVE and I TRUST Him with my life. When all the circumstances surrounding me seem to say life is coming apart, that is when God says, "Will you still stand and trust me COMPLETELY?" That is all He asks of us. It sounds so simple and easy, but I am telling you today--it takes guts to stand against all that this world has to offer. But I stand and hold fast to His Word because I know that in the end, it will all be worth it. He will make it worth it. He is the only one who makes life worth living. I am holding on to that with all my might.

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  1. Debby Miller6:44 AM

    Oh, Melissa - just the other night after the meeting we were talking about this song "Completely" - when I read this, it made me want to share the words of part of that with you: "The secret of life is letting go, the secret of love is letting it show in all that I do, in all that I say, right here in this moment. The power of prayer is in a humble cry, the power of change is giving my life and laying it down, down at Your feet, right here in this moment. Take my heart, take my soul, I surrender everything to Your control. And with all that is within me, lift up to You and say, I am Yours and Yours alone completely." Isn't it great how sometimes there's a song out there that will express exactly how you're feeling? If I get a chance to, I'll sing it to you sometime. You are doing great, just abide in Jesus - He's got something special for all of us when we give ourselves to Him and to Him alone. I believe that He honors that and expands our little efforts into His big outcomes. Love you, Debby


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