Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Natalie vs. Repunzel

So Natalie has been bugging me for weeks to cut her hair like her friend Taylor's (to her chin), and I have put her off because I want her hair to be long. Her daddy told her she could cut her hair if she wanted which made it even harder for me. Her hair is very fine so it doesn't take but a few minutes for it to look stringy and dirty even when she's straight from the tub. I really noticed it this afternoon. After an early dinner I was bored, so I asked Natalie if she wanted me to cut her hair before getting in the tub and she got so excited. She was running all over cheering and jumping around. It was too cute to resist. So we went upstairs and I cut her hair off! AHHHH!!! These are the before pictures...

See how stringy it is? So anyway, I chopped 5 or 6 inches off like it was nothing! It was actually kinda fun.

I had avoided cutting her hair also due to the fact that just doing a trim on her is difficult. She moves all over. But tonight she did pretty good. All I had to do was ask her if she wanted me to cut her hair. She would say yes, and I would tell her that she had to be still or turn her head this way or that and she would. I was very impressed. After bath time, I dried her new hair do and did a few touch up before taking these cute pictures...

Now I have to admit that when I started cutting I had no idea where I was going with the hair style. I just started cutting. I knew that I needed to get quite a bit of the length off because her hair is so fine, but I didn't want to loose too much length from the front. What you see is what we ended up with. It reminds me of someone I used to know....

She is so excited! She LOVES her new hair! She has been looking in the mirror all evening. She's so excited to show Daddy who has no idea what I did. He'll be thrilled but want me to cut mine the same way. (It's his favorite way for me to wear my hair--the above picture is his absolute favorite picture of me ever.) She's got big girl hair and a big girl birthday coming up. Let's all pray that big girl panties will come soon too!


  1. Very Cute! When is Natalie's birthday?...And when did you have your hair like that? I love it like that too!

  2. You did an amazing job! Did you go to school for that or are you just that good? She looks adorable.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! She is the cutest little girl ever! I know you probably don't want to hear this but she looks so grown up with that new hair. You are right, she certainly has big girl hair now!!! Love you!

  4. AHHHHHHHHHH! I LOVE IT! It looks FABULOUS! How on earth did you do that? Did you have some past life in hair styling that I don't know about? It looks like a professional cut! And I like it better than it was before! It looks more full. VERY CUTE! Good job mom!

  5. P.S. What did Scott say?????


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