Tuesday, April 03, 2007

One Week

I just realized today that my birthday is one week from today. This happens every year to me. My dad's birthday comes and goes (March 18) and I realize that my birthday is next in the Martin Birthday Calendar. This year it took me a while though. I mean it's already into April!!!
I just wanted to give everyone the heads up on it so you have plenty of time to shop for gifts. I know that you will want to mail any packages as soon as possible to make certain of a timely delivery. I will be entering the last year of my 20's which is a little bit of a big deal for me, so please don't be dumb and remind me of that. I don't want any "getting older" cards. That's just not funny. But BIG gifts and great gestures are always welcome!!! So feel free to love me extravagantly!
(Gift cards are always a wise choice.)
My address is 10 Hickory Dr, North East, MD 21901.


  1. Guess what? Your going to be 29 and your older than me....just thought I would let you know, since you want to be reminded so much! (you know your going to be getting tons of getting older card just because you posted this ;)

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  3. Girl, I didn't need a reminder... I already knew your birthday was coming up! I have BIG plans to mail you a CARD! That's right, a big fat juicy card. Don't get to excited now! It may not even have anything in it! Hahahaha!!!


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