Thursday, April 12, 2007

I love Heather!!!

So my girl, Debby, called me tonight and left me the most amazing message! She told me that she was watching Idol last night with her family and her daughter Heather said that the lady on there looked like "Miss Melissa." You know who that lady was?



Yeah, I've gotten Tori Spelling and Kate Winslet before, but never J Lo. I personally think she's hot, so I take it as a great compliment!
Scott says we have the same booty. Ha! Isn't he dreaming!

Anyway, here is what she looked like on Idol...

I totally see it now! Same hair for sure...same body, same amazing clothes.


  1. Heather better be your new best friend for SURE! What a compliment!

  2. Debby4:59 PM

    It just hit me that this was the best birthday present Heather could have given you, even though it was 2 days late. It was worth the wait, huh?! Deb


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