Saturday, July 01, 2006

Beach Bums

So last week I went to the beach with the girls for a couple days. I had to come back early to help Scott with our apartment before we checked out of it. Then Scott came back down to the beach with me. The other hubbies were coming down Friday afternoon too. We had so much fun!!! Here are some pics of our time...

Here are Natalie and Taylor posing in the sand for me.

Another one of Natalie in the sand.

Suzie and I took our kids to Funland on the Boardwalk on Wednesday night. Natalie and Taylor rode tons of rides together. Jordy got Suzie and I on this big ride that spun us around and up and down. It was so much fun to watch my baby on the rides. She's such a big girl now!

Here are a few shots of the night time football game. It really wasn't as dark as it looks. It was dusk and dusk pictures always look darker than they truly are.

This is Scott and his new beach "thongs."

This is a good pic of us lounging around and you can see our beach house on the right in the background.

I always have to get a picture of the guys and girls, but this time I only got one of the guys. (Tim, Scott, Corbit, John, and Jeff)

Here's one of the whole group. (Us, Jeff and Debby Miller, Tim and Suzie, Jordy and Taylor Pope, John and Sandy Gabrielli, and Corbit and Susan, Amber and Kara Norman)

Paddleball and football were the games of the weekend. Here are Corbitt and Susan and John and Sandy playing.

John and Corbit doing the paddleball dance.

Scott with his paddle.

John lounging around...

Natalie got so tired but wouldn't stop for a nap. Instead she wanted her burpee, baby, and nunny (all are required when she is tired) and then continued to walk the beach.

Here's another one of Natalie.

And finally we all stopped to eat on our way out of town and I caught this cute shot of Jordy and Taylor.

So anyway, that was our beach week. There is nothing better than sitting with your feet burried in sand and soaking up vitamin d! I always knew I was a beach bum, but living in Wisconsin, it's hard to get to the beach. I love living an hour and a half away from the coast! It's the best!

I'll be posting pictures from our trip to TN in the next couple of days. I have lots of funny stories and cute pictures to share.


  1. What a super fun time! It looks like you guys have made lots of wonderful friends out there....but, just so you know, we miss you here!!! What a gorgeous beach house, and how fun to stay right on the coast. Miss you lots! Can't wait to see pictures of your TN trip!!! :)

  2. Looks like a great group of friends you guys have! I bet you all have lots of fun together!!! Natalie looked so cute roaming the beach!

  3. Isn't the ocean beautiful? I can see why you enjoy living out there. Good to see you guys are doing so well.


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