Monday, July 10, 2006

I Finally Met Elana!

So every summer for the past 5 years, Ron Cantor comes to our church to speak. Over the years I have repeatedly bugged him to please bring his wife, Elana. Well this year he finally did. I fell in love instantly! And as always when Ron comes, we had a blast together. She is such an amazing woman. We clicked right away. Kindred Spirits as Anne of Green Gables would say. I just knew that they would make the blog. So I took my camera with last night and documented our time together. It was definately blog-worthy!
Scott has been doing this sanctified old Beatles song at church for the past couple months. Everybody loves it, so he did it last night. Ron had gone to the bathroom when he started it and came back halfway through it. He later told the congregation that when he left to got to the restroom we were worshiping and when he came back worrship had turned into a rock and roll concert. If you're familiar with MorngStar you may have heard Come Together before. I tried to get a picture of them doing it. If you look really close you can see the words on the screen.

After church we went to Friday's to eat. We were all pretty tired and a little bit punchy. Natalie was sucking on Scott's broccoli. She sucked the juice off of every last one. I ate a bunch of his rice. Poor guy hardly got any of his own food. His women were all over his food.

"Uncle Ronnie" enjoying his pasta.

Natalie decided when she was done that she was leaving, so Elana went with her. It was so cute!

On the way home Natalie was watching the moon. Everytime I'd turn and she lost sight of it she'd say, "Mommy, moon go?" And I'd tell her where it was (mostly behind us). So when we got home she wanted me to take a picture of it. This a really bad shot of a gorgeous moon. And then Natalie watching the moon.

Elana brought me a dozen roses--Bless her heart! I love flowers, especially pink roses. As always, I had to take a pictures of them!

I had such a good time with both Ron and Elana, but it was especially fun to hang out with Elana finally! I can't wait to go to Isreal in March. (They're hosting a tour of the Holy Land in March and I am speaking in faith that I am going!) At the top is their website where you can all the info about them and their ministry in Isreal. Here it is again just in case you can't see it too well.

We just had breakfast with them and ever since we got back home, Natalie has been asking "where Unky Ronnie go?" When I tell her that he went bye bye with Aunt Elana, she says "Unky Ronnie An Wana go bye bye." She's watching me put these pictures up and talking about dinner last night. She keeps laughing at the pictures. She's too cute!


  1. That is so great... I don't know if Elana would remember me, but I was one of the few people that helped her and Ron move into their house in Pensacola! This is when Josh and I were engaged, so it was my last semester at school. The girls helped her unpack and the guys (including Josh) helped put beds together and stuff like that! Anyway, looks like fun! That's so great that Scott stays in touch with them.

  2. Natalie is so cute! That outfit on her is adorable....and her hair is so long!!! I showed my Mom your blog the other night and she could not get over how big Natalie is and how gorgeous she is. She loved your new house, too!!! :)

  3. you've come a long way since 'myboris@aol'...:0) thanks for stopping by my site! it's great reading about you and your family. natalie is absolutely adorable. i'm lovin' life as a 4th grade teacher here in detroit. the east coast just never called me home! but i'm happy for you to be somewhere near the ocean. i miss that a ton. lakes are cool (as you know-thanks for truly introducing me to the first mid-west lake when i went home with you for easter my freshman year) but there's something about the ocean. with the summer off i've been busy, which i'm sure you can see a bit of that from my xanga site. this week, all i've done is video-editing. i'm putting together a video of testimony and picture footage from our missions trip earlier this month. it's for the service on sunday. good night this takes so long! i'm having fun and i'm almost done. congratulations, i rewarded myself with writing YOU a note. :) good to hear from you, girl. we'll keep in touch. i added your blog to my bloglines subscriptions. see ya!


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