Sunday, June 25, 2006

We Are Officially Moved In! FINALLY!

So yesterday was the big day and of course my camera was packed, so I couldn't take any pictures of the mass choas as it happened. We had 10 men loading all our stuff into a huge enclosed trailer. They started at 9:10am and by 10:30 they were heading out to the house. By about 1pm everything was here (except some of my clothes in the master closet). Jackie was the only female to hold my hand. She finished packing up my kitchen as the guys loaded the truck and then she unpacked it at our new house. Suzie came and helped unpack the kitchen too. I couldn't have stayed sane without them. Even Jordy and Taylor were here helping however they could. When everyone was done, we fed and hydrated them and then they left. They left us to make sense of the disaster. Yikes!!! I started with Natalie's room. I wanted to get it in order so that she would feel at home for bedtime. (Again, camera is packed.) While I was doing that Scott got the internet and tv all set up. (Of course! Where else would he be?)

B R E A K I N G N E W S ! ! !

Back to the story...Natalie watched a Bob Moomie (VeggieTales) while we worked. Sometime during the movie she fell asleep. We worked until we crashed around 830. I think we went to bed around 930. I did NOT want to get up this morning!!

But the good news is that I got her room pretty much put together. There are two boxes left in her room but the are filled with stuffed animals and toys. After church today we worked on the kitchen while we waited for the lasagne to bake. (Thank you Debbie McDowell. You are the best! I love you love you love you!) So the kitchen is sort of put together. After laying Natalie down for a nap, we moved on to our bedroom. The clothes are now put away, bed is up and made... but that's it.

Scott is now crashed on the couch and I came downstairs to size up the mess in the basement. As I walked down the stairs I felt my heart sinking in anticipation of what I was going to find. Yesterday whenever anyone would ask me where something went and I didn't know, I told them to put it in the basement. I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. So when I finally got to the bottom of the stairs (remember we have 100 stairs to the basement), I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and slowely turned the corner. I paused and slowly peeked my eyes open. --insert small gasp here-- Initial shock was big, but then I saw the computer. In the midst of choas and mayheim, there it was shining like a beacon of light, beckoning me to come and have rest.
It was all set up for me and everything was working. It was a beautiful sight. I made a beeline for the chair. As I checked my email I noticed that if I ignored my periphial vision I couldn't see all the mess. This is all I see...

But, if I am brave (and for the sake of my blog) and turn around, this is my panaramic view I see...

Probably not something I'd want to look at everday, but since it's the basement, it is the lowest on my list of rooms to organize. Being down here isn't made any easier because our smoke detector is dying. The battery has been on it's last leg since we looked at the house for the first time back in April. It chirps to let you know it needs to be change. It is the most annoying sound in the wolrd. I can even hear it up in my bedroom 2 stories up! Yesterday, Sean, our youth pastor, tried to shimmy up the 2x6's to change the battery but couldn't hang up there long enough to get the thing opened. Remember we have 15 foot ceilings down here. So until we build a tower of Babel to reach it I have to listen to it chirp. I want to kill it.

I feel like Phoebe on that one episode of friends. Her smoke alarm is chirping and she can't get it to stop so she smashes it with a hammer and it still chirps. It's like the Terminator or something. It never dies.

I'll take some more pictures of the rest of the house now that the camera has been found. Scott is off tomorrow, and then on Tuesday Natalie and I are heading to the beach till Thursday (or until we get sick of the rain). On Sunday we leave for my parents in TN. We'll get back the following Thursday. We have a wedding on that Saturday (the 8th) and Ron and Elaina Cantor will be with us for services on Sunday. Phew! Then maybe we'll get back to unpacking.

So that's the latest with us. I think I'm going to go take a nap before Home Fellowships tonight.

Oh and by the way, we celebrated our 5th anniversary on Friday. We packed all day, and then went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. I hate having to have delayed celebrations especially for the first milestone anniversary!! At least this time Scott wasn't sick like he has been for every other anniversary. Darn allergies!


  1. Wow! I'm so glad you guys are finally in! Sounds like you guys are busy with a lot more than just unpacking! I can totally understand your shock with the mess in the basement! Our move into our house was the MOST unorganized, chaotic move I have EVER made! The people that helped move us in just walked into the house and dropped stuff wherever they wanted. Not only was our basement a TOTAL disaster, but so was every other room in the house. I had never seen such disorder! We still haven't gotten the basement all worked out, but we did manage to push everything up against the walls for a path to the laundry room. Acutally, Josh is down here with me right now painting one of the walls, so we can put shelving up and get the stuff out of the garage. It is in just as bad of shape as the basement is! That's his goal for tomorrow, clean out the garage!!! Okay, this went way longer than I wanted, but just had to share! Congrats on the move and the new house! I'm SUPER excited for you guys!!!!!

  2. P.S. Happy Anniversary! Our fifth wasn't exciting either!

  3. You are so funny! I laughed so hard about that smoke detector because it has happened to me countless times! When our carbon monoxide detector started to beep after we moved it was packed away in one of the twenty boxes in the living room and we couldn't find it for almost a week! I felt the same way! Anyway, glad you are moved in! And...happy anniversary! WE didn't do anything either. We keep shooting for our tenth but since that is in 2 yrs it will probably be our 15th to finally get away. Who knows! Hope everything else goes good and you have a relaxing time at the beach! I leave for Colorado in 3 days!! YEAH!

  4. Congratulations on being all moved in! You'll get there with the unpacking. It's rather overwhelming but eventually you'll get through everything. We've been in our home two years and I still have boxes downstairs I should go through but oh well. At least there is a basement to hide the things you don't want company to see. I love Friends! That's a great episode about the smoke detector. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND SCOTT!!! Love you lots!


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