Friday, June 16, 2006

A Big Boy License

Ok, so I just had to share this little story with you from the other day. On Wednesday, Scott and I went to Manassass, VA, home of the Potomac District Offices for his licensing interview. He is upgrading his "specialized license in music" to a regular license to preach or a "big boy license" as he's been saying. For some silly reason I had to go along. Manassass is a good 2 1/2 hour drive from Elkton so we had to make a very early start to make our 10am appointment. (I slept most of the way.) We were about 5 minutes away and realized that we had gone past the place, so as to avoid being majorly late I made Scott call right away and find out exactly where we were going. (Ok, now a little background info on Scott: He has a nasty habit of accidentally hanging up on people while they are still talking. You see, when he is done talking, he assumes the other person is as well, so he hangs up. He doesn't wait to hear if they truly are done or not.) Back to the story...So while he's getting directions from the receptionist HE finishes the conversation and hangs up while the receptionist is STILL talking. I couldn't believe it! I laughed so hard! What a way to make a first impression!! I told him that it's one thing to do it to me, but to someone that you don't even know is another thing!

So, we get there right on time. Since we'd been driving for a while we both needed to use the restroom. After that we went into the chapel to wait our turn with 4 other couples who were also there for interviews. We take a seat close to the front and chat amongst ourselves. We notice quickly that everyone else is dressed to impress in suits. Meanwhile Scott and I are dressed up, but slightly more casual--no coat for Scott and no pantsuit and pumps for me. I was glad that we were dressed as we were, because it reflects the way we are. We don't put on pretenses to try to impress (not saying that the others were). We are who we are, take it or leave it. I leaned over to share this thought with Scott, but all I got out was, "I'm glad you're not wearing a suit..." when I noticed his fly was WIDE open! I gasped and told him in a panic. We quietly busted out laughing. Because of where we were sitting it wasn't easy for him to pull his zipper up without drawing attention so I leaned slightly forward and fussed with my shoe to give him a screen of privacy. The next thing I hear is a loud "ZZZIIPPPP!!!" I have never heard such a loud zipper in all my life! Well, this only served to make us laugh even harder! You must know that everyone else is all proper and reading their Bibles or other holy material while we're cracking up over an open fly. It was so funny.

Anyway, our turn comes along and who walks in to interview us but the new district superintendent himself. What a great guy! He seemed to instantly fall in love with us, but he's the kind of guy that would love everyone he meets. The interview went as well as it could have. One of the presbyters was relentless with questions on theology and doctrine. He was looking for the textbook AG answer and when Scott would paraphrase it his own way he would press and press and press until Scott worded it exactly how he wanted it. He kept twisting Scott around. I thought for a second that the guy was purposely trying to catch Scott up on something. That was frustrating for me to watch, but I just kept smiling. I said earlier that it was pretty silly that I HAD to be there because they asked me only one question and that was if I had a mentor or not. I said I did, but what would they have said if I had said no? It seemed so pointless for me to be there, but whatever. It was a day off being mommy and a day being only a wife which was needed.

All in all, I think Scott did really well, but I am biased. God's hand of favor is upon him heavily so I know we are a blessed family. I really believe that it was not by chance that the superintendent himself conducted our interview. I had a feeling the night before that there was going to be some sort of important connection made at the interview. Scott and I have JOKED about how he's going to take over the Potomac district ever since we moved here. (It's actually just a beginning. Once we take over our district, then we're going to take over the nation, and then it's on to the world!! Muah-ha-ha-ha!!!) But seriously I think there may be some truth to those jokes. I know that we are here by Divine direction and for a specific purpose. Whether it is to rise in position or to just serve alongside some amazing men and women is yet to be determined. Either way, we are just blessed to be here in this amazing body. What a fantastic thing to be on this earth, living in the best nation of the world, at this exact time in history!!

So anyway, that's my funny story from the other day. Hope you got a good laugh out of it. I'm off to bed now.

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  1. That is so funny about the zipper!!! I was laughing out loud!! I'm glad the interview went well, and hopefully you will never see that pushy guy again!!! HA!


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