Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Happy Padder Daddy"

That's Natalina for "Happy Father's Day Daddy."

So Scott had a good day today. He got a new phone. A friend of mine was upgrading her husband's phone for Father's Day and gave me a great deal on his "old" phone. This is the upgraded phone, but Scott's looks just like it. He was so pumped. He helped Donna get the new phone and was totally bummed when she told him she had already sold her husband's old one (to me!!!). Needless to say, I did good!

This is what he had told me he wanted. It a micro chip thing that goes in the shoe and another one attaches to the Nano. You can then set you Nano to play according to your running pace. You can customize you run music. If the shoe sensor detects that you are slowing down it will change the music to pump you back up. It also tracks your run stats and fun stuff like that. It's actually pretty cool, but since he has a regular iPod and not the Nano I would have had to buy the whole system which would have been $430. Yeah right!! We just bought a house. I want paint!!! But he said the phone was way better anyway. (You can read more about this thing at

He wanted to go to Red Robin today for lunch. I wasn't in the mood for a burger, but hey it's not about me! After lunch we went to Home Depot to pick up some more paint samples. The we came home where Natalie and Daddy napped. While they slept I poured over paint samples. I couldn't get our bedroom color right so I decided to go over to Linens n' Things which is where my bedding is being held hostage until I can pay for it. I found some amazing bargains at their summer clearence sale. I also got a bunch of space bags for all of Natalie's baby clothes. (She has millions!!!) The are in 4 giant rubbermaid bins right now taking up waaaay too much space, hence the need for the space bags. (This is the bedding that we're getting. It's white and a very dark chocolate brown.)

When I got home, everyone was up. We played and talked for a while. Natalie and I had a taco and then we all went to Bruster's for ice cream. We had to stop at "Mallmart" (Natalina) for packaging tape before coming home. Now Natalie is in bed. Scott is playing Xbox 360, and I am writing this and watching Iron Chef America. Go Morimoto!!!

Anyway, that was our day. I'm exhausted from all the cleaning and landscaping we've been doing at the new house and all the packing we've been doing here at the apartment. BIG SIGH!!! I'm going to bed.


  1. GIRL! You did good on the phone! I bet Scott nearly wet himself with excitment! HA! I also love what you picked out for your bedding! Very sheek!! I'm glad you both had a great day!

  2. Glad your doing good! Sounds like packing is going good too. I'm sure your getting tired and just want to be in one house right now! It's hard to live between two places. I know I felt that way anyway. Have fun with the rest of your packing! Talk to you later!


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