Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ikea, Here We Come!

So we went to Ikea today to check some things out. I had a big long list of stuff I wanted to look at and compare to what I had seen online. The Baltimore Ikea is not a very big one, so a lot of what I wanted to look at wasn't there. I was kinda bummed by that, but we found some really great curtains for the sliding glass doors in the kitchen. I was planning on making some, but buying them is way easier. This is the photo from Ikea's website. You really can't see them too well, but I will take lots of pictures once they're up. You can count on that. I might use some of the wall paint to add some flair to them. Like maybe a red stripe here and there. I'll have to see what they look like once they're up. Anyway, we kinda took the day off from house stuff other than the whole trip-to-Ikea thing. I was starting to feel consumed. I was there everyday last week. Some days I spent more time there than our apartment. Kinda sad since there isn't really anything relaxing about the house right now. All I dreamt about last night was curtain panels and spackling. Not very peaceful! I missed my REMs!

Monday we start painting. Our friend Corbit is coming after work to start on the ceilings. Those need to be done by Thursday night so that on Friday morning we can start on all the walls. That's going to be the really fun part!!! Mmmm... Paint!

Well, so that's that...nothing earth shattering, but it keeps us busy. Hopefully this will all come together really fast!

By the way, who's booking a flight to come out and help me pack and move? Anyone? I'll feed you. I make an amazing meatloaf! I'll even let you sleep on the floor in my new house! Who could possibly pass up that offer?!

I have to go to bed now. I'm losing my mind.

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  1. ME ME ME...i'll do it...and u dont even have to feed me!


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