Friday, June 09, 2006

A Long Day

So we had a long day today. Ugh! I am exhausted! Let's see, what all did we do? Scott picked up our washer and dryer, took back the washer because it had a big dent in the front, then brought it back. Now that may not seem like much to those of you who live around the corner of your neighborhood Lowe's or Home Depot, but for Scott that meant about a two hour trip each time he had to go to Lowe's. It's Friday and lots of traffic, so that was a big chunk of his day. Because of the dent, Lowe's gave us 10% back. That's great! We'll use that money for paint now. I worked most of the morning on a project for church. When I was done, Natalie and I headed out to the house. I finished getting the blinds perfect, and when I say perfect, I mean PERFECT! Just ask Terri. I was totally nuts with them. My friend, Holly also stopped by to check on the Fresh Air machine. She adjusted it and now the air in our house should be sanitized and not smelly within a day or so. Did I mention that I am exhausted? The guy came out to fix the crack in our basement, He said it was the biggest crack he'd ever seen in a basement. Ha ha ha!!! That sounds so funny! He's coming back on Tuesday to completely fix it. The electrician was there too to give us an estimate for some things I want done in the house. Bad news--no washer and dryer in the upstairs bathroom. Good news (if I choose to look at it this way)--I won't need to work out anymore. All I need to do is laundry. Bah! OR because I have to climb all those steps I get to eat that many more chocolate chip cookies. (Thanks for the suggestion Cindy!) So not at all what I was hoping for. I'm kinda bummed, but since there's nothing I can do about it, I'm moving on. Just so you all know what I'm dealing with when I talk about climbing "all those stairs," I'm posting a picture taken from the bottom of the steps in the basement. It'll give you some perspective. The picture doesn't even show the bottom 4 stairs! Yikes!
So there was more to our day, but I'm too tired to type anymore tonight.


  1. Ah, Man!!! I am totally bummed you can't put the washer and dryer in the bathroom! I thought that was a brilliant idea and I almost feel like it's me being told no to!

  2. You guys sure had a busy day! Bummer about the dent in the washer but that 10% off is really nice. You can always use the extra money when doing house stuff. I wish I lived closer! I'd love to come over and help you with stuff.....even if it was just carrying laundry up and down the steps! :)

  3. washer dryer in the bath! I'm sorry...mine is down the basement too so I have to walk up two flights of stairs to get them to my room. needless to say, they are sitting in piles on my couch down the basement still because i'm being lazy! :)


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