Monday, February 18, 2008

It's a February Miracle!

I actually slept good last night!

I have finally discovered the perfect sleeping combination for a third trimester good night's rest.  It involves seven, count 'em SEVEN, pillows and no husband in the bed.  

Wow!  What a magical night, it was.  I only got up to pee twice--another miracle!  

I discovered the perfect combination of activities to make my body scream in misery.  Here is is...  Are you taking notes?  Wear three inch heels for eight hours straight while 27 weeks pregnant.   (Of course you need to be standing and walking for the majority of that time!)  Thanks to my vanity I am now suffering more so that I have for months!  (I did look cute though!)

Oh and have I mentioned that I only gained 2 pounds last month?  I am thrilled.  Midwife--not so much--but what does she know anyway!


  1. Melis, you are hilarious. Glad to hear all is well and that our boy is growing...even if it is only 2 pounds! Miss you guys.

  2. You wore heels? For 8 hours? While pregnant? Your amazing!

  3. Not really. Just stupid enough to think that I was still able to bounce around life as if I haven't recently inserted a 12 pound bowling ball in my stomach. Have I mentioned lately that I still forget I'm pregnant?


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