Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gaining Weight and Other Pregnancy-Related Woes

I had a doc appointment this morning.  I'm 22-ish weeks along and everything looks good.  I've gained a total of 11 pounds so far.  This last month I gained a pound a week.  If I continue this way I will gain another 16-18 pounds before this child makes his appearance.  I'm not so sure that I'd like to do that.  My midwife was pleased at my weight gain, but she's not the one that is getting bigger by the moment.  

So what am I going to do about it?  Umm...losing weight has never been something that I've been successful with, so I can't imagine trying to not gain weight will be any easier.

But there are 3 things that I have been VERY successful with this pregnancy.  
  1. I can eat like there's no tomorrow.  It's a serious miracle that I only gained 4 pounds this past month.  Don't even tease with a granola bar for a snack either.  A snack to me consists of a few cheese and crackers, and orange/apple/pear, a few carrots, and a pickle every now and then--but that's all at the same time.  Quickly followed by 16 ounces of water.  I don't mess around with my snacks, folks.
  2. I can sleep anytime!  It's never mattered that I'm in the second trimester of pregnancy.  You know, that trimester where you are supposed to have all that energy?  I do have extra energy and drive and ambition to get my house in order, but it does not take much to wipe me out.  For example...The hour and a half that it took me to drive to and wait for my 15 minute appointment this morning made me ready for a nap.  I got home (around 1030), started some laundry, had a tea party with my girl-child, and read a bit...the next thing I know, I'm being woken up by a hungry 3 year old.  It was 130.  I don't mess around with my naps, folks.
  3. I can pee anytime.  Again, this little side effect is supposed to ease up a bit during your second trimester.  Oh no!  Not for me.  I always have to pee.  The most annoying part of this is the fact that when I go, it's a few little dribbles and then that's it.  Twenty minutes later I'm back in the bathroom.  Talk about frustrating.  As soon as I get comfortable on the couch or at the table for school, I have to pee.  School would take us maybe an hour at the most, but because of my frequent urination problems (and need for snacks and occasional rests of my head on the table), our school day is often lengthened to an hour and a half - two hours.  I wake my husband up at least twice during the night to go.  You'd think that he'd get used to it, but he never has.  I don't mess around with my need to pee, folks.
Notice that exercise was no where on my list.  I'm thinking it has to do with #2 mostly, but #1 and #3 keep me rather busy, so there really isn't time for much more.  But don't forget I have an always present source of exercise that doesn't require a sports bra or tennis shoes.  All I need to use it is dirty clothes.  

This boy-child of mine is riding very low, which might be the reason for the never-ending potty-ing.  Most of the movement I feel is very low which is so different than the first.  I supposed that is to be expected.  What I wasn't expecting but am thoroughly enjoying is the seemingly constant kicking.  This child rarely stops moving.  I really love it, but one of these days I'm afraid he's going to kick his way right out of my belly button.  That is, if he can get up there from his comfortable perch on my bladder.  

Other than all of that... I'm feeling good and my midwife is pleased with everything.  I measure right where I should and the heartbeat is still strong at 135.  I'm over the halfway point--YIKES!!--but still far enough away from my due date to not be freaking out yet.  I'm beginning to get things ready for this boy.  We've installed $60 worth of extra shelving into Natalie's closets, which if you know anything about the inexpensive shelving available at Home Depot, you know $60 worth of shelving is a ton of shelves.  Oh, but it feels so great to have a place for everything.  

Over the weekend we picked up some crib bedding.  I was planning of just registering for it, but the set we wanted was already on clearance so we went ahead and got it.  This is it, but these pictures don't do it justice.  It looks so pastel and pale.  In reality it's quite bright and not at all pastel.  It matched the best with everything we have done so far in Natalie's room.  I'm contemplating just a few changes that will most likely involve blue and green paint.  (I'm sorry, Honey.)  I have to see it all together in the room before I decide for sure whether we'll keep it or not.  I'll keep you posted.  

But for now... I have to pee and get something to eat.  Big surprise there, huh?  Oh and I'll post a belly shot one of these days.  I promise.  I know everyone is DYING to see it.

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  1. Hearing your stories make me miss being pregnant...:(! I get to hold all of the young ones being born but will never have another child of my own unless God miraculously intervenes! It get a little sad when I notice that my youngest (sammy) will be 3 in two months! WAAHHH!! Oh well! I am so excited for you! Boys are so much fun! Hope all else is well!


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