Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nesting Woes

I might be the only one, but does it freak out anyone else to watch that ticker count me down day in and day out?  I mean... does anyone else realize how fast time goes?  I have a bowling ball in my belly and so much to do.  I have the regular day to day activities and responsibilities to manage.  The overwhelming part is when I think of all that I need to do in order to prepare for this little boy to come.  I have this insane need to re-do our entire house.  (Yeah--like the man-child's going to care what color the bathroom is.)  

I've been in an organizational panic for about a month now.  My kitchen is getting there with the addition of this.  Does anyone else get giddy about a trip to Ikea?  For me it's the kind of store that would be found in heaven, if heaven had Swedish discount stores.  Oh the possibilities!  I just love going to Ikea and imagining the clean lines and organization that can be a part of my world!  It truly is a thrill to this OCD heart of mine!

A couple weeks ago, you may remember my nesting need to add 10,000 square feet of additional storage shelves to Natalie's closest and even to Scott's closet.  The thrill of that change was short lived.  (It is a serious addiction--organization!)

I have slowly been working on the living room.  Second only to the bathroom upstairs, it's the room I feel needs the most work, and unfortunately it's the first room you see when you enter our house as well as being the room we spend the most time in.  This room needs an enema!  I need so many things to make this room feel complete to me (and of course--I'm in a panic to have this all in place by D-day--May 17).   I also need a bottomless checkbook in order to fund all these changes I want.

First and foremost is this and a couple of these or something like it.  Then there's this beast that will finally make spending the extra money for Sunday Ticket worthwhile.  (Can any other wife say amen to that?!)  But that's not all!  Because then I want the tv mounted on the wall and this (or this) to house all the other stuff that my techno-geek husband says we need.  Of course once all of those things are in place, I'll need a new rug, lamps, side tables, accessories, and artwork.  Not to mention window treatments and other organizational items to be found at Ikea!  But that's all pocket change, right!  (I just gave my husband a heart attack when he added everything up.  I'm sorry.)

Then there's the bathroom, the most needed change, but not nearly as costly as the living room and thus much more likely to get done.  We need to put in a shower head in our gigantic garden tub, tile up the walls, rip out the existing stall shower (which is really just a vertical coffin with this growing belly!).  We need to add lighting and a vanity.  Change out the mirror and put down new flooring.  Of course we'll have to paint and buy all new linens, rugs, and accessories.  So see, there really isn't all that much to do here either.  And hey!... we already bought the paint, so we're on our way!  Again, this all needs to be done before baby #2 makes his arrival.  

So this nesting thing that happens when you head into the second half of your pregnancy?  Well, with my firstborn, it manifested itself in organizing my collection of baby clothes and toys.   Perhaps this is why my daughter changes clothes four times a day.  This time around, I'm nesting by wanting to remodel my entire house.  If my nesting needs manifest themselves in my son as they did my daughter then I can look forward to my son helping me to redo the house as often as my whims dictate a change, which I'm finding out is often.  There's just something about owning our own home that frees me up to re-paint four times a year and rearrange the furniture every other week.  

But I guess before I do this big stuff, I need to go through the 10 ginormous bins of baby girl clothes and take them to the consignment shop or sell them on ebay.  I also have 3 bags of things to go to Goodwill.  Half of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe is in a clothes basket in the basement and the other half is still in my drawers and closet.  As I continuously add to my pregnancy wardrobe I'm quickly running out of room, so I need to rectify that.  

Then there's the never-ending laundry that must be done.  It's harder than ever to stay on top of that because I'm limited in how much I can do at one time.  Those darn stairs will be the end of me.  Of that I am sure!

As if all that wasn't enough, I still find that I need to do this and make baby blankets in addition to hoarding diapers and wipes.  Oh and did I mention that I homeschool preschool with my three year old?  And I need to update this, contribute regularly to this, redesign this, and post pictures on here from a year ago.

It's no wonder that most days all I want to do is sit on the couch and stare at the wall.  This is all to overwhelming to actually do any of it.  I think I'd rather just be lazy.  If only I could stop this urgency within me to do all these things today!!!  I think I might soon explode.  

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