Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I had my first two-week appointment this morning.  Everything went well.  I gained another two pounds.  Two pounds in two weeks was not at all in my plan, but I suppose at this point in time, that just means that the baby is growing and gaining weight as well.  Since none of you know my beginning weight, I have no problem telling you that these last two pounds have brought the grand total of weight gained during this pregnancy thus far to 17.5.  That's a little less than half of what I gained in total with my first.  

I was able to convince my midwife to wait three weeks till my next appointment (as long as my glucose test comes back good).  I was so glad because, seriously, I'm not ready to admit that I'm in my seventh month.  I have too many things to do.  A few more weeks of denial should be just the remedy.  (You are aware of the fact that I am a middle child and thus a born procrastinator, right?)  One of these weekends, we're going to really get productive and bring the cradle up from the basement.  That should jump start me into admitting than in a matter of a few very short weeks I will have a newborn in the house.  

Speaking of that little guy... During the appointment this morning, as the midwife was trying to get his heartbeat, all you could hear was the swoosh, swoosh, swoosh of his every kick, and I felt every. Last. One.  Even now as I type, he's flipping around like a fish out of water.  (And I think Natalie is energetic! Yowzah!!!)  I'm in for trouble if his in-utero activity is any indication of what he'll be like once he's born.  

This latest series of acrobatics began a few days ago has been constant and severe ever since.  Last night I climbed into bed, so tired and already half asleep, and my son, bless his heart, was up and raring to go.  He kicked me so hard over and over and over.  I had The Music Man put his hand on my belly in the hopes that his presence there would calm his son, which it usually does, but it only intensified his insane activity.  Scott thought it was hilarious.  I, on the other hand, just wanted to go to sleep!  For crying out loud!  The only time he stopped was when I would roll onto my back, but that wasn't comfortable so it was back to my side and the internal battle.  I would just doze off and BAM! Foot in the ribs or elbow on the belly button.  The worst were the repeated slaps on my bladder.  I got up twice before eventually falling asleep.  Bless his heart is all I can say.

In other news... I know I never posted pictures of my ultrasound, and I'm sorry about that.  They're hanging on the fridge, so if you ever want to stop over and take a look, you're welcome to.  I also have pictures from our pre-Christmas trip to New York, Christmas, Natalie's dance classes, Natalie's first trip to New York, as well as a recent belly shot (that I have been meaning to take for about 10 weeks now.  Sorry about that).  Most of the pictures are already on my computer just waiting to be captioned and posted.  Maybe I'll do that this weekend or something.  I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you, though.

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  1. I think you might have one energetic little boy on the way. Caleb was always!!! moving around when I was pregnant and he still hasn't stopped. He's full of energy. His physical health should be pretty good, right? Plus, even if he is very active, there will be a lot of other characteristics that you will love about him.


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