Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I've been using for years to help me find names for my children.  It helped me name my daughter - Natalie Lauren.  But this time around it seems as though nothing is helping me name this man child within my womb.  I'm terrified that delivery day will come and all we will have is Baby Boy Ball.  Can you imagine if we leave him with that name for the rest of his long life!?  What awful parents we would be!

This is why every time someone asks me if we've picked out a name I jump on them begging for suggestions.  I get the same look of shock and awe every time!  I need help!  WE need help!

A few weeks ago we were at Barnes and Noble and I bought a baby name book thinking it would help us.  That night we picked out a whole list of names that we didn't hate.  By the next morning, I hated every last one.  Back to square one.  

Oh, for crying out loud!

We've tabled this name discussion so many times, I've almost given up completely.  But then the thought of "BBB" being my baby's initials for the rest of his life gets me motivated to find him a name.  

Sooo... I decided to read other books.  I borrowed baby name books from everyone I knew.  Yeah, that brought me no where near closer to a name for my son. 

Seriously, people!

A couple days ago I was reading a review about The Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg.  I thought, "What the heck!  I might as well get it and give it a try.  Nothing else is helping."  I just couldn't bring myself to buy it though at the time.  I wasn't optimistic enough about it's usefulness.

Then, just this afternoon, I ran across this website based on the Wizard book.  So I played around with it for a while and was able to find a few names that I had not seen in the 1,375,000 baby names I've read over the last few months.  So I sent a list of my favorites to The Music Man to see what he thinks.  Chances are, he'll hate everything, suggest a bunch of name I hate and then - WHOOP! - we're back to square one...BBB.  

Can anyone help a sister out?!  We are in peril.  Baby Boy Ball needs a name!


  1. what are your likes and dislikes in a name....what would you just absolutely hate???.... i wouldn't know where to begin even suggesting thing I do suggest is this....I honestly did not have a name for samuel until he was born...I didn't know if I even liked the name or any other name for that matter...and I went in for my C-section even more flustered because I still didn't have a name...when he came out...I knew who he was really weird...he just looked like a samuel and nobody else...I really let GOd name my might sound dumb but oh don't sweat it and who cares if you don't have one picked out. He'll have a name before he leaves the hospital. You will see it in his face and feel it in your gut... (there that's my two cents)

  2. Oh, boy...the name game. As if carrying a child in your belly for 9 months isn't hard enough, then you and your husband have to decide on a name without killing one another! I have no idea if these will be any help whatsoever, but thought I'd pass a few that I considered.

    Here it goes:


    Don't will come to you!


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