Friday, January 20, 2006

Our New Old Website

Ok, so Scott, in his technological genious, has totally re-done our family website. He got a whole bunch of new software and has been playing with it for days. I'm not sure what everything is or even how to use it all, but here's what I do know. The "podcast" is still under construction. The photocast is a pretty cool addition, but you have to have a Mac to use. (Sorry PC folks, you really are missing out on this one!!! You really should have bought a Mac to begin with. Next time...) BUT...if you do have a Mac, when you click on "photocast" it will ask you to subscribe (click subscribe), and then it will automatically upload all our photos from the website into iPhoto on your computer. Everytime we upload our website with more photos it will automatically notify you and upload the new photos into your iPhoto. (Mom, you are going to flip over this!!!) The File Sharing thing is for Scott's work, but you are all welcome to download any of the music or chord charts you see there. Well, anyway, I just thought I would let you all know about the update.

Let me know what you think.
Click on the link ("The Ball Room") to the right of your screen. --->

Oh, and by the way...there is a brand spankin' new video of Natalie on the website. It's called "Natalie's Musical Debut." It was taken this afternoon. She is a natural!

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