Monday, January 16, 2006

Bet you thought something happened...

So it has been over a month since I have written anything on this blog. Sorry about that. I had been trying to write as much as I could because I know how much my family loves to read the tales of my little family's life (especially you, Grandma and Grandpa Beck!! :) )

Since I wrote last so much has happened. The days preceding Christmas were filled to the brim with parties and gatherings. (Ok, so it sounds really cool, but we just were hanging out with friends really.) Then Christmas Eve we left right after church for TN. Yeah! We drove through the night---Dumb, dumb, dumb! We were in TN for a while and then headed to OH for a few days before coming back home. Our crazy life picked up right where it had left off when we left. God has been powerfully moving in our midst here in Elkton and so the new year started with nightly prayer meetings followed by 24 hours of worship on the 7th and 8th. This past week we had 3 nights of worship. We were blessed yesterday, to have Sam Rijfkokel join us for our weekend services.

So needless to say we have been very busy. It has been a good busy though, because we have been busy in the Lord. I only wrote tonight to let you know that I am still here and will be writing all about our trip to New York (Dec. 13), Christmas and New Years, as well as all that God has been doing in our midst. Praise the Lord, we are able to serve such a mighty, mighty God. I am the most blessed woman on earth!

Until later....

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