Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Search for the Velcro Rollers

The other day Scott and I had a dinner party to go to. So I set my hair in my velcro rollers for a soft romantic look. As always, Natalie was watching me get ready and as I pulled out the rollers she took them one by one and tried putting them in her hair. She was fascinated by them. She played with them and the storage box I keep them in for the next couple days. I started to notice that there were fewer and fewer rollers ending up in the box each time we picked up her toys. I knew that she must have hidden them away somewhere, but I could not find them anywhere! On Monday I was making dinner and I needed my skillet, so I leaned down to get it. I opened the cupbaord and this is what I found...

Now why didn't I look there to begin with?

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