Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Are You Sure All You Need Is Water?"

Natalie gets herself ready for bed.  She goes upstairs, stands on her little bench and washes her face and hands and brushes her teeth.  Then she goes potty and gets her jammies on.  Then she comes back downstairs to collect her water or cocoa and Mommy and Daddy before heading up to bed.  

Last night when she came downstairs to collect me, I could see that she had tried very hard to take her t-shirt off, but had gotten stuck along the way.  She had pulled her left arm out only to push it through the neck of her t-shirt.  The shirt was tightly slung around her bare shoulder.  

As she came down the stairs she said, "Mommy I need something."  I assumed she meant she needed help out of her shirt, but instead she said, "I need some water."

I said, " are you sure all you need is water."


"Are you sure... all you need is water?"


"Are you sure all you need is water?"


By this time I had gotten Scott's attention and we were both trying so hard to keep a straight face.  

Finally I said, "Natalie? Are you sure all you need is water?  Don't you want mommy to help you with your shirt?"  

She laughed then with us as she realized that was why we were laughing.  So pulled the shirt over her head only to find that her pull-up was horribly twisted and folded all around her little bum.  I reached over to adjust them only to further discover, to my immense delight, that she had put the pull-up on over her panties.  I completely lost it then.  We all did.

Ahhhh... It's times like that that I absolutely adore the sweet disposition of my 3-year-old.  She delights me in so many ways and is always making me laugh!


  1. What a sweetheart! She is getting so independant, but not too much...just the way us moms like it. Miss you guys.

  2. They can be so much fun some times!

  3. How funny!!! I can picture it now. She is so adorable! And becoming so grown up. What a doll-baby!

  4. She is absolutely adorable!!!


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