Thursday, July 12, 2007

3rd of July

Our 4th was extremely low key compared to last year.  In fact, I never left the house.  Scott and Natalie went up to the mall for a while and then they later ran to the grocery for me.  I was blissfully happy to have a few minutes at home all by myself.  It was glorious.  

All of our patriotic celebrations took place the night before on the 3rd.  We cooked out and then went to the fireworks with a bunch of our friends.  It was a really good time.  We got there around 730 and found a spot right by the river.  The fireworks started around 920 or so and were done by 927.  No joke.  It was a total bust, but hey! what do you expect from the sleepy, little town of North East?

Ok, so here's our leader for this excursion.  Mrs. Holly Chaffee, my friend and fellow hair day conspirator.  I love this woman!  She is all sunshine on a cloudy day.  Holly has taught Scott and me so much about the value of good beet juice.  It may be hard to achieve nirvana, but according to Holly, beet juice will get you there faster.  Anyway, she wasn't too thrilled that we were sitting in the sand.  She wanted to be back across the sidewalk in the grass.  The poor woman would not sit still... 

My dear sweet Natalie... She loved every last second of this night until the very end... She was 7th heaven with all the older kids doting on her.  (Notice Holly on the phone back there?  I think she was on with the Mayor or something, asking him why there weren't spots available for us on the grass.)

And here's my dear, sweet friend Suzie who doesn't look a day over firty (right Debby!).  She's going to kill me when she sees this picture, but I love her anyway.  (She the other conspirator at hair day.)

Here's a not-so-good-but-all-I-got picture of The Ball Room.  It was well past dusk, so I'm surprised it turned out as well as it did seeing as my phone doesn't have a flash.
And here's the river.  The lights dead center is where they lit the fireworks off.

Ok, don't be fooled.  Natalie totally faked being asleep for the camera.  I wanted a nice picture of daddy and daughter, but no matter what anyone said she would not cooperate!  Bedtime!!!

And here's the best shot I got of the fireworks.  Ooooo... Ahhhh... Ohhhhh....

On our walk back to the car, Natalie tripped and fell.  Believe it or not this is her first skinned knee that actually drew blood.  You don't believe me!?  Well, consider for a moment how much of a girlie girl she is... Remember this? and this? oh and then there was this. I honestly don't know where she gets it from!  Are you still surprised that at 3 years old, this is her first bloody knee?

And as every proper girlie girl would do, she bawled for hours over her knee.  It was so funny though, becuase she would watch herself cry in the mirror.  How vain!  Surely she learned that on Sesame Street or from Dora.
But a chunk of brown salve and a few princess bandaids later she was just fine.  The knee has healed nicely... not even a scar to boast about!


  1. Debby Miller11:35 AM

    Firty is the bestest age to be when you're 30-something. Never f. . for . . I can't even say it. Great pic of Suzie, even though she won't believe you put it here, I'm just glad it wasn't one of me!! Bummed I am that we barely missed you guys that night - we were there, but GUESS WHAT? We were in the GRASS (shhhh, don't tell Holly!!) And while it WAS short, I found the most awesome part was at the end when all the boats in the harbor revved their engines!! At first it scared me until we realized what it was, but it DID end up extending the 7- minute show by at least another minute! YEA!!!! Great blog, Melis, love, Debby

  2. That is too funny about her crying and watching herself. Ashleigh used to do that all the time. I don't understand it. Anyway, glad the owie is all healed!

  3. Awwww... what a little sweetie! I would have cried for hours too!

    Your friends look like lots of fun! I wish we could be one of those among them all! Aren't you still praying us over there?!?! Geez, you sure are taking a long time....

  4. Girlfriend! If it was up to me alone you never would have left us in Wausau!

  5. Looks like you have a good time, Laith was sad about Natalie's booboo. Beet juice huh? Interesting, Dr. Colbert would totally agree with her.


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