Thursday, July 26, 2007

UPDATE: Jordy and Nati

A couple weeks ago we had a family movie night under the stars at church. It was totally cool and hopefully the first of many such events! We showed Facing the Giants on a giant screen. (Such a must-see movie, if you ask me!)

Anyway, Natalie had an absolute blast with all the kids, especially with the boys. They were playing soccer and Natalie loves to chase soccer balls. (Hmmm... I wonder where she get's that from?) She was running, running, running with the boys when Jordy got there.

Natalie and Jordy have always had a precious older brother/younger sister relationship. He dotes on her as I would imagine an older brother would. (I don't have one so I don't know for sure.) It is so cute. She gets annoyed with him at times (especially when he stops wrestling with her), but she loves him all the more.

So when he got to the church and she was already playing with the boys that he plays with, he ran over to say hi to her. (Now, mind you, I was all the way across the parking lot, watching this from a distance.) I watched in disbelief as my three-year-old chased after him, flipping her hair wildly with her little hand, saying in her high-pitched, completely girly voice, "Jordy! Look at my hair! Jordy! Jordy! Look at my hair! Jordy! Look at my hair! Jordy!"

I was stunned as I was face to face with my little girl chasing after a boy and blatantly flipping her hair around like the little flirt I have come to suspect she will become. (Really! Where does she learn these things!) But, really! She's only three. It was rather alarming!

Scott was standing a ways from me and as I stood there with my chin on my chest, he caught my eye. I knew in an instant that he had witnessed the exchange as well and was as stunned by it as I was. Our little girl chasing after a boy!

It was completely innocent and totally precious. A memory that I will cherish for a lifetime for it's utter sweetness, even though it was a bit alarming at the time.

The following Sunday night at church, Natalie was talking with Heather and Taylor (Jordy's sister) a couple rows behind where Jordy was sitting with his friends. I heard Taylor say to Natalie, "Nati... Look at Jordy."

I looked up and saw Jordy, arm hooked over the back of the pew and grinning from ear to ear at Natalie.

He said, "Hey Natalie."

She gave him a quick smile and a look that screamed, Jordy! I'm playing with the girls now!

I just watched again in amazement at the sweetness of the exchange.

The following day we went to the UD Pool with the Mom's Group. A couple times during the day Jordy made a point to come over and see how Natalie was doing. As we were leaving he walked with me for just a little bit.

"Miss Melissa?... Did Natalie have fun?"

"Yes, she did, Jordy. Did you?"

"Yeah... Miss Melissa?... Does Natalie like to swim?"


"I'm glad."

And he walked away.

How precious!

It was about that time that my thoughts strayed to a shady place where I'm sure Natalie will someday be horrified to hear they went, (not to mention that Jordy would hate me for life starting now if he knew what I had been thinking!).

Let's see... Jordy's 10... Natalie's 3... That's seven years... When he's 30, she'll be 23... I guess that's not that bad of an age difference... He will be quite the catch... His parents are awesome!... I adore the whole family!... It would be a good match... She would keep him on his toes... He would constantly have her laughing... Hmmm...

Then I slapped myself silly when I realized with horror that I was thinking the very thing moms just don't think about their 3-year-olds! In fact, I should be guarding her voraciously from the very thoughts I was having!!! How could I be imagining this?! I must be a horrible mother!!

Then I made the mistake of admitting my rambling thoughts to Jordy's mom, Suzie, who just happens to be one of my best friends. She looked at me with the expression I should have had if she had come to me. Shock! Horror! Disbelief! What was I thinking! They are children!

But seriously!? How cute are they?! Would it really be all that bad if it did end up the way I was imagining?...

I have been reading way to many 19th century romance novels where daughters are betrothed as babies to pre-pubescent young boys and live happily ever after!

UPDATE: I just asked Natalie if she liked Jordy. She thought about it for a second and then said, "No. I like Taylor... and then Jordy."


  1. That is so sweet, what a neat relationship for Nati to have and don't blame yourself for your rambling thoughts - we're women, we think romance no matter what age!

  2. That is a super cute picture of them together! Who knows... stranger things have happened!!!!


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